For the Mantle Beginners: 7 Steps to Get Started

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For the Mantle Beginners: 7 Steps to Get Started

Since the launch of Mantle Mainnet Alpha in July 2023, Mantle has welcomed many new users, and we appreciate each and every one of you. To help you navigate and get the most value out of Mantle Ecosystem, we have put together a short guide. Whether you're a DeFi enthusiast seeking the most rewarding yield opportunities or an avid gamer looking for the latest play-to-earn games, this guide has you covered!

Here are 7 things you can do to start your journey on Mantle Network.

Bridge to Mantle Network

One of the first things you'll need to do is bridge your assets to Mantle Network. This will allow you to use them within the wide range of dApps that Mantle Network offers. Users can utilize Mantle's Mainnet Bridge to transfer their assets from Ethereum Mainnet to Mantle Network.

The team has made the bridging process as user-friendly and straightforward as possible. A step-by-step guide on the entire process can be found here.

There is also a range of trusted third-party bridges available:

As soon as users bridge over to Mantle, they can explore Mantle ecosystem, which consists of many applications offering some of the best user experiences and yield-bearing opportunities in the space. Our goal at Mantle is to provide users with the most innovative and easy-to-use applications while offering the best rewards, making Mantle the DeFi paradise it is today.

Stake ETH on Mantle LSP

Stake $ETH on Mantle LSP to receive $mETH, a value-accumulating and permissionless ERC-20 receipt token that is highly composable within Mantle Ecosystem dApps. Unstake $mETH to receive the underlying principal staked $ETH along with accumulated rewards.

Stake Now

With the introduction of liquid staking on Mantle Network, users can not only accumulate native yield through staking $ETH, but also tap into additional yield-bearing strategies within Mantle Ecosystem by using $mETH.

Here are some use cases for $mETH that users can take advantage of right now:

  • Trade on Mantle DEXs
  • Earn fees and rewards by providing liquidity to liquidity pools
  • Use $mETH as collateral within Mantle's money markets
  • Add liquidity to vaults on Mantle to earn fees
  • Earn rewards through $mETH restaking strategies

A complete guide on unlocking the full potential $mETH within Mantle Ecosystem can be found here.

Lock $MNT & Earn Rewards on Mantle Rewards Station

Lock $MNT on Mantle Rewards Station and earn rewards. Users are free to unlock their $MNT tokens at any time and will retain all accumulated rewards up to the point of unlocking. Navigate to the rewards tab to claim your rewards.

Visit Mantle's user-friendly rewards station now to put your idle $MNT to use and earn ecosystem rewards with just a few clicks!

Get involved with the current Mantle Rewards Station initiative and earn your share of 1 million INTX tokens. To participate, lock your $MNT on Mantle Network and start earning your INTX rewards in the form of xINTX, the staked version of INTX, today!

Complete Quests Across Mantle Ecosystem and Earn Rewards

To make it as easy as possible for users to locate the latest opportunities, we introduced Mantle Missions, which invites users to participate in quests and engage with innovative dApps within Mantle ecosystem.

Mantle Missions is an excellent way for beginners to complete simple quests and be rewarded while exploring Mantle Ecosystem dApps. The platform allows dApps to post their latest initiatives, rewarding users for participating in various tasks. These tasks can range from following social media profiles to visiting and interacting with certain features within the dApps. There is something for everyone, whether you are well-versed in the web3 space or a complete beginner.

Each Mantle Mission comes with a comprehensive guide on how to participate, making the entire process as seamless as possible. Visit Mantle Missions now to browse the range of Mantle Ecosystem quests and start earning rewards.

Join the Citizens of Mantle Community

This one's for all you NFT enthusiasts out there. Join the Citizens of Mantle (CoM) community and get your hands on Mantle's inaugural native NFT collection. Your CoM NFT avatar will be your faithful companion as you embark on a journey of building, connecting, playing, earning, and trading on Mantle.

CoM NFTs are not just any PFP. With each milestone you achieve within Mantle Ecosystem, your NFT will evolve, allowing you to add unique traits such as body accessories, headgear, and facial accessories. Additionally, becoming a CoM holder makes users eligible for certain perks within Mantle Ecosystem dApps, rewarding you for being part of the community and accelerating your journey within Mantle Ecosystem.

To get your hands on a CoM NFT you can visit secondary NFT marketplaces such as:

Explore Mantle Ecosystem

Besides the ones mentioned above, Mantle is home to many innovative and user-friendly dApps, all of which provide additional opportunities to users in Mantle Ecosystem.

Trade and Swap on Mantle DEXs

Whether you want to swap, margin trade, or trade perpetual futures, the DEXs on Mantle have you covered.

Lend and Borrow on Money Markets

Borrow or put your idle capital to use and earn APY by lending in money markets. With the introduction of INIT Capital , an intent-based money market on Mantle Network, users can explore more yield opportunities with INIT Capital's "Hooks" feature.

Liquidity Pools

Provide liquidity to Liquidity pools (LP) and earn fees. There are multiple platforms and LP pairs to choose from. Explore the range of LPs on Merchant Moe and TsunamiX.


Lock liquidity in vaults on Mantle Network and earn APY. Explore the range of values Mantle has to offer here.


Restake $mETH on Mantle Network. Mantle users can restake $mETH on Karak and earn 2x Karak XP.

The recent passage of MIP-30 means there will be a brand new restaking protocol and a new asset for Mantle Network, $cMETH, a liquid restaking token that will be highly composable within Mantle Ecosystem dApps. Keep an eye on Mantle's social media channels for further updates.

GameFi on Mantle

With the emergence of GameFi, a brand new concept of play-to-earn has been introduced, giving users a fun way to earn tokens and rewards within the web3 space. It's Mantle's mission to become a key player within the GameFi space by offering fun and rewarding games to its users.

A great example of how Mantle is achieving this is by introducing games like xMetaCene — a play-to-earn Chrome extension mini-game that allows users to earn both $tMAK and $MNT simply by playing. With up to 3 million $tMAK and 200K $MNT up for grabs, xMetaCene offers substantial rewards! For more information and a complete guide on how to navigate xMetaCene, visit here. Be quick, the game is only available until July 7, 2024!

A game that has attracted considerable attention within the Mantle Ecosystem is Catizen, an immersive new cat-themed game on Telegram. Catizen operates on a play-to-airdrop model. This means that all players' in-game activities, such as breeding cats, farming fish, and collecting coins, will make them eligible for rewards. Join the "Meow Universe" and play Catizen here. A comprehensive guide on Catizen can be found on the blog. Explore the range of gaming dApps on Mantle Network here.

To find a comprehensive list of the apps on the Mantle Network, visit our ecosystem page.

Follow Mantle's Social Media Platforms

Last, but not least, make sure you're following Mantle's X/Twitter to ensure you’re getting all the Mantle Alpha. While you're there, turn on post notifications so you never miss any updates. Mantle also hosts a range of AMAs with ecosystem partners on X/Twitter, where we discuss the latest developments within the ecosystem.

We also have Discord and Telegram channels for our community members to join. These are the perfect places to ask questions, connect with the community, and stay updated on what's going on.

And that's a wrap! We hope the guide was useful and that you are now equipped with enough information to become a Mantle Network expert. Remember, there are many developments happening behind the scenes, so make sure to regularly check the blog to stay updated on everything going on within Mantle!

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