Mantle Network Joins Forces With Catizen to Transform Web3 Gaming

04/25/246 min read

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Mantle Network Joins Forces With Catizen to Transform Web3 Gaming

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new alliance with Catizen, an innovative game network developed by Pluto Studio. This strategic collaboration between Mantle and Catizen marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing in-game transactions and asset management within the world of web3 gaming.

Introducing Catizen: A Cat-Themed Innovative Game Network

Catizen envisions a sprawling "Meow Universe'' aimed to become a web3 traffic hub platform that integrates entertainment and social aspects. Just one month after its open beta test launch, Catizen garnered an impressive total of 2.3 million users with over 220k+ on-chain users and over 520k+ daily active users. In terms of transactions, Catizen has also achieved remarkable success, with users completing over 2.6 million on-chain transactions within a month of their open beta test, generating over $3 million USD in revenue. Through the strategic alliance, Mantle will provide Catizen robust technical support and resources needed to scale their project to further enhance its economic model and user experience. The partnership further enables Catizen to leverage Mantle’s stellar industry reputation as a leading L2 ecosystem, expanding Catizen’s user base to foster a thriving community.

Leveraging Synergies for Player Rewards in Catizen

The inaugural game on Catizen, features a range of activities that rely on a robust network for a seamless experience. By participating in these activities, players can earn vKitty through Catizen's unique play-to-airdrop design, with future token airdrops anticipated. Additionally, the alliance also opens up the opportunity for users to unlock rewards up to 230,000 $MNT by engaging in various activities like fishing, topping up their accounts, and claiming $MNT gas subsidies. And the ultimate Catizen token airdrop awaits those who climb to the top of the leaderboards, providing an extra incentive for competitive play.

Next, leveraging its massive player base, Catizen aims to become the definitive traffic hub in the web3 space. Subsequently, Catizen will launch Catizen Launchpool and open quest system. The goal is to build a more comprehensive Catizen ecosystem, providing additional circulation and consumption scenarios for the token. For example, only users who possess Catizen tokens will have the privilege to participate in the quest system and earn airdrops, as well as participate in Launchpool to mine other game tokens, thereby enhancing the token's value.

To effectively power Catizen's in-game economy, Mantle Network provides its established infrastructure and technical expertise. This collaboration enhances Catizen's operational capabilities and expands its market presence, leveraging Mantle's industry reputation to attract a broader audience. Mantle also stands to benefit from this collaboration by extending its reach and strengthening its role within the web3 gaming space. By supporting a platform like Catizen, known for its significant user base and innovative gaming solutions, Mantle can diversify its ecosystem, attracting new users and developers.

Journey into the World of Catizen: A Complete Guide

To get started, familiarize yourself with the essential in-game assets:

  • FISH: This is your primary in-game currency. Note that FISH is NOT an on-chain token but a vital asset for progressing in the game.You cannot transfer or sell your FISH.

  • vKitty: Represented by a golden claw icon, vKitty acts as the in-game point system, it is NOT an on-chain token. You cannot transfer or sell your vKitty.

To enhance your gameplay, you'll need to either farm or purchase more FISH. FISH is crucial for leveling up your cat. Higher-level cats are more productive, capable of generating more vKitty.

The leaderboard rankings are determined by the amount of vKitty each player accumulates. Based on your ranking on the leaderboard, you may be eligible for Catizen token airdrops. Aim high to maximize your rewards!

Game interface overview:

Step 1: Accessing the Game

Start playing by clicking the 'Play Game' button once you've entered the Catizen Mantle Telegram bot. Please note that all game features will become fully accessible after you have successfully created a Level 6 cat.

Step 2: Game Recharge

To add funds to your game account, click on the “Shop” button. This action will direct you to the recharge page. Here, follow the displayed instructions to link your wallet (Suggested wallet: OKX wallet or Bitget wallet). Use your $MNT tokens to recharge and receive FISH. After completing your initial recharge, accessing “Shop” again will reveal more options for adding funds to your account.

Additional Perks:

The first 15,000 on-chain users who use $MNT to purchase FISH will receive an extra 3,000 FISH, regardless of the amount of $MNT spent.

Step 3: Boost Your vKitty Production

To increase your vKitty production speed, click on the "Boost" button to open the boost pop-up window. You will see three options, each offering a different duration for doubling your vKitty production rate. A longer duration results in more vKitty.

  • Option 1: Click the "Free" button for a 10-minute boost to your vKitty production.
  • Option 2: Click the "Claim" button, which features a Mantle icon, to engage in an on-chain activity and receive a 30-minute boost.
  • Option 3: Spend 50 FISH by clicking "50" to secure a 240-minute (4 hours) boost to your production.

Choose the option that best suits your strategy to maximize your vKitty earnings.

Additional Perks:

Spending more time in the game increases your chances of encountering a Mantle Astronaut in a Mantle spacesuit. Clicking on the Mantle Astronaut reveals new tasks to unlock additional cat perks:

  • Option 1: Click the Free button to receive 4 additional cats.
  • Option 2: Click the Claim button, featuring a Mantle icon, to partake in an on-chain activity and gain 8 additional cats.
  • Option 3: Spend 50 FISH by clicking 50 to acquire 12 more cats.

These additional cats will help you enhance and level up your existing cats, boosting your game progression.

Step 4: Purchase New Cats To Accelerate Your vKitty Production Speed

To buy new cats, click on the "Feed" button, which will direct you to the cat purchase page. Here, you can use either vKitty points or FISH to acquire new cats. Expanding your cat inventory is a strategic move that significantly boosts your vKitty production speed. By increasing the number of cats you own, you accelerate your progress in the game.

Step 5: Invite Friends and Earn Rewards

Select the "Invite" option to access the invitation page. Here, you can see both your invitation list and the rewards you can earn. By inviting friends, you'll receive FISH rewards, enriching your gameplay experience.

Step 6: Go Fishing to Earn FISH and vKitty Rewards

To begin fishing, navigate to the fishing page by clicking the “Fishing” button. Once there, you can use FISH to start your fishing session, which may yield additional FISH and vKitty rewards.

Additional Perks:

While fishing, there's a chance to catch a "Mantle." If you're lucky enough to do so, you'll be rewarded with 1680 free FISH.

Step 7: Complete Tasks To Earn FISH

Access the quest task center through the bot. Complete tasks to earn FISH, which can be spent in the game.

Leaderboard Mechanics:

As a multi-chain game, Catizen's leaderboard features players from various blockchain networks. You can hold one account on the Mantle Network and another on a different blockchain, with each potentially ranking differently on the same leaderboard. Please note, the $vKitty amounts from different blockchain accounts cannot be combined.

Additional Perks:

Players have the opportunity to qualify for both perks: Perk 1: The first 200,000 users to connect their wallet on the Mantle Network will receive a 0.05 MNT subsidy. Perk 2: The first 250,000 users to complete two on-chain activities will receive a 0.2 MNT subsidy.

Catizen is now available on Mantle. Try the game out for yourself by clicking here.

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