Mantle Multisig: Transaction Builder Guide

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Mantle Multisig: Transaction Builder Guide

Mantle Multisig, is a multi-signature wallet, which means it will require multiple signatures to approve a transaction. This allows an individual to add more security to their personal funds on the blockchain.

Using a multi-sig approach adds a level of redundancy in the case of losing your private keys, as well as protecting yourself from phishing attacks and hacks of your personal information.

Make sure to checkout this quick guide on Mantle Multisig if you haven't tried it yet — .

Also, a quick shoutout to Safe{core} team for their extensive documentation that served as a reference for this guide for transaction builders.


One of the advantages of using smart contract wallets such as the Mantle Multisig, is their ability to perform "batched transactions". This means that when we want to execute several transactions, instead of having to confirm a set of transactions one after each other, they can be bundled together into a single transaction, so users just have to confirm and execute once.

Transaction Builder

Transaction Builder is an application that makes it easier to create these transaction batches, guiding the user in a visual way through the process of adding, editing, reviewing and submitting a batch.

These batches can contain any kind of transaction that we could create, from token transfers to more complex smart contract operations, allowing even to group into one transaction action that would usually need two steps like "Approve" and "Swap" that we usually see in DEXs (decentralized exchanges).

How to

  1. Head over to and sign-in.

  2. At the main dashboard, click on Use Transaction Builder.

  1. Enter the MNT address The ABI will be fetched automatically because this smart contract is verified in Sourcify. If in your case is not fetched automatically you can copy and paste the ABI from other source in the "Enter ABI" field.

  1. Add the address you want to send MNT to and also the value that you want to send to that particular address. Once done, click on Add Transaction.

  1. Once the transaction is added to the batch, a new tab should be visible on the right side of the screen as shown in the picture below.

  1. Repeat step 2 for every recipient address.

  2. Once you add all transfers to the batch, click "Create Batch"

  1. You'll be able to review the whole batch. Once ready, click "Submit" to submit and execute the transaction just like any other Safe transaction.

  1. To confirm your transaction status, head over to your dashboard and click on Transaction

Congrats! You've successfully sent a batch transaction of Mantle Network!


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