Mantle Multisig - A Complete Onboarding Guide

09/05/234 min read

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Mantle Multisig - A Complete Onboarding Guide

Hey, gm! Glad that you've been checking out various native dApps like Bridge, Explorer and Safe built by the Mantle & Safe team together.

This guide should help anyone interested in using Mantle Multisig and perhaps, learn more about it. We will be covering:

  1. What is Mantle Multisig?
  2. Why use Mantle Multisig?
  3. How to use Mantle Multisig?
  4. Transferring Funds to Mantle Multisig

What is Mantle Multisig?

The Mantle Multisig is a fork of Safe, which is a multi-signature smart contract wallet that allows users to define a list of owner/signer accounts and a threshold number of signers required to confirm a transaction.

Why use Mantle Multisig?

Mantle Multisig, is a multi-signature wallet, which means it will require multiple signatures to approve a transaction. This allows an individual to add more security to their personal funds on the blockchain. Using a multi-sig approach adds a level of redundancy in the case of losing your private keys, as well as protecting yourself from phishing attacks and hacks of your personal information. Safe is also useful in shared funding, such as having a treasury for a DAO or an investment club between friends. In these situations, members of the DAO can vote on certain proposals and use a 6-on-10 scheme, where at least 6 signatures are required to authorize the proposal.

Mantle Multisig is capable of holding your $MNT, ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens, and also provides users with user-friendly UIs to keep track of everything without requiring any technical knowledge.

How to use Mantle Multisig?

  1. Head over to and click on Connect Wallet button.

  1. We will be using MetaMask for this tutorial — but feel free to connect any other wallets of your choice.

  1. If you have any existing Safe Accounts associated with your MetaMask, they will show up on the left side for importing. Otherwise, like most setting up their accounts for the first time, click on Create new Account.

  1. Add a name of your choice and then click on Next.

  1. Add the Owner's name of your choice. And if you have multiple addresses linked in your MetaMask, choose the correct address you want to associate with the Owner name you've written.

**Note: One of the key features of Mantle Multisig is having multiple owners and setting the number of owners that is required to sign the transaction/ confirm the transaction. (Example below) **

In the snap below, it is visible that we've put multiple owners (different on-chain addresses) and we've also set the threshold as 2. Meaning for any transaction to take place - both the owners will asked to confirm a specific transaction.

  1. Once you've completed adding owners, click on Next and you should be prompted with a MetaMask pop-up asking for permission to create a proxy contract on your behalf. Click on Confirm.

⚠️ If you don't have MNTtopaythegas,pleaseuse[thisguide]( to pay the gas, please use [this guide]( to get MNT and start interacting with Mantle Network.

  1. Once the transaction is confirmed, wait for 30-40 seconds for the proxy contract to be deployed and your Safe Account to be created. Remember, refreshing the page might result in errors — so please keep the tab open till the time Safe Account is created.

  1. Once done, you will be redirected to the dashboard of your wallet.

Transferring Funds to Mantle Safe

Let's check how funds can be transferred to your Mantle Safe.

  1. On the left side of your screen right below your nickname and wallet address will be an Open QR code button. Click on it.

  1. Scan the QR or copy the address given to send funds to the contract!

  1. If you've made transfers recently, then head over to the transactions tab to check for the recent transactions!

Thanks for testing out Mantle Multisig! You might've also noticed a Connect & Transact tab on your dashboard. This is a visual UI-based transaction builder for sending batch-transactions with ease! This will be covered in the upcoming tutorials!

Stay tuned for the latest updates by following and by bookmarking for latest tutorials and blogs being published!

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