A Guide to Mantle Tokens: $MNT, $mETH, $mUSD & More

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A Guide to Mantle Tokens: $MNT, $mETH, $mUSD & More

Mantle has introduced new assets in recent weeks — the pool of Mantle-related tokens has expanded from its native token $MNT to include $mETH and $mUSD, with more set for release in 2024. Here's a comprehensive guide on where you can find these assets within and outside of Mantle Ecosystem.

$MNT — Mantle's Native Token

Mantle token ($MNT) powers Mantle Network as its native gas token and ecosystem growth token, and serves as the governance token of Mantle Governance.

For the latest information and updates on obtaining $MNT, please visit Mantle’s "Get MNT" page.


(1) Bridge to Mantle Network

Deposit $MNT to Mantle Network with multiple available assets such as ETH, USDT, USDC, WBTC, FLOKI, PEPE, SHIB and more.

  • Select the asset that you’d like to bridge with from the drop-down list: https://bridge.mantle.xyz
  • Please note that you will need both $ETH to transact on Ethereum L1 and $MNT to transact on Mantle Network
  • If you’re new to Mantle Network, remember to add “Mantle Network” to your wallet
  • 4 $MNT Bonus: Bonus is limited to ONE (1) per qualifying wallet address — the bonus amount and qualification factors may change in the future
  • More details: https://www.mantle.xyz/blog/announcements/bridging-on-mantle-mainnet

Alternatively, send $MNT or other available assets to Mantle Network directly from other chains via Axelar’s Squid Router.

(2) Buy, Sell and Trade on Centralized Exchanges

You can get $MNT at a number of known centralized exchanges — depending on the exchange, you may also find other product offerings that utilize $MNT, for example, staking to earn yield or trading perpetual contracts. You can also transact and trade with various base currencies.

(3) Swap on Decentralized Platforms

$mETH — Mantle LSP's Value-Accumulating Receipt Token

Mantle Staked Ether ($mETH) serves as the value-accumulating receipt token of Mantle’s liquid staking protocol — Mantle LSP. $mETH is currently being adopted and integrated across multiple Mantle L2 DeFi applications and core technology partners, as well as centralized exchanges.

You may also get $mETH directly via the Mainnet Bridge: https://bridge.mantle.xyz

Earn high yield with $mETH, and boost your $mETH earnings with multiple integration options.

$mETH Integrations


  • Bybit: mETH/USDT and mETH/ETH available for Spot trading
  • NativeX: mETH/WETH pair and other $mETH swap options available

Lending/Money Markets

  • INIT Capital: Open deposit/borrow positions with $mETH
  • Timeswap: Leverage $mETH as collateral and loop your $mETH for boosted yields
  • MYSO Finance: Zero-fee $mETH swaps at size or custom $mETH Zero-Liquidation loan offers
  • Teller: Collaterized loans with $mETH
  • Lendle: Collaterized loans with $mETH — Check out Lendle’s post on yield-maximizing strategies with $mETH
  • Gravita Protocol: Interest-free borrowing against $mETH
  • Minterest: $mETH and USDY/mUSD are now live on Minterest
  • Aurelius Finance: Lend and borrow $mETH


Liquidity Pools

  • Bybit: Stake for 2X gas fee rebates
  • Merchant Moe: mETH/WETH, MNT/mETH, MOE/mETH and more liquidity pools available
  • Butter.xyz: Add liquidity and create new positions with any available tokens, including $mETH and $MNT
  • FusionX: Pick your preferred $mETH liquidity pool with mETH/USDY, mETH/MNT and mETH/wETH options, and more upcoming
  • iZUMi Finance: mETH/WETH pool available, with liquidity rewards in $MNT and $IZI
  • AGNI Finance: Add liquidity to the mETH/wMNT pool
  • Swapsicle: mETH/WETH farming pool available
  • Velocimeter: Add liquidity to the mETH/wMNT pool in a lockdrop for six weeks
  • Uniswap: mETH/wstETH liquidity pool available
  • KTX.Finance: Add liquidity to KLP pools on KTX
  • Cleopatra DEX: Offers liquidity pools for USDC/mETH, MNT/mETH and more
  • Stratum Exchange: Offers a liquidity pool for mETH/WETH and more

Check out $mETH data on platforms such as API3 Market, Pyth Network, SupraOracles and DefiLlama.

$mUSD — Rebasing Version of Tokenized Bearer Note $USDY

$mUSD is a rebasing wrapped version of $USDY that is designed to maintain a consistent peg to $1, with interest distributed via new token units by Ondo Finance. Users can bridge, swap and wrap $mUSD to Mantle on ondo.finance’s swapper UI or swap available tokens for $mUSD on Swapsicle.

Most recently, Bybit introduced the trading pair MUSD/USDT on Spot.

You can access yield strategies or money markets for $mUSD with MYSO Finance.

  • Create fixed, zero-fee OTC $mUSD swaps or custom $mUSD loan offers
  • Swap between $mUSD and USDC with zero slippage and no additional fees

Mantle will continue adding access to Mantle-native tokens, while also growing the list of yield-bearing assets in 2024. Stay tuned for more additions here and announcements on our socials.

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