Mantle Journey: Rewards Guide

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Mantle Journey

Mantle Journey: Rewards Guide

Mantle Journey Season Alpha has come to an end on Jan. 15, 2024, 11:59PM UTC. We thank more than 290,000 participants who joined us on this expedition, and now it's time for what you've all been waiting for: the Mantle Journey Season Alpha reward pool distribution.

Total Reward Pool: 25,000,000 $MNT

Allocated to Users: 15,000,000 $MNT

Users can find their total Mantle Journey (MJ) Miles in their MJ profile. Please note that:

  1. Only eligible MJ Miles will be counted: All Mantle Journey accounts will go through Sybil and bot checks — any MJ Miles accrued and attributed to Sybils and bots will be disqualified and will not be counted towards the distribution of the reward pool. If your main wallet address (registered to an MJSBT) passes Sybil and bot checks, activity from sub-accounts paired to your MJSBT will not be flagged as a Sybil.
  2. Minimum MJ Miles held to be eligible to claim rewards: 200 MJ Miles — MJ Miles accrued in accounts that do not hit this minimum threshold will not be counted towards the distribution of the reward pool.
  3. Minimum one (1) social attestation: You will need to have completed a minimum of one (1) social attestation via your MJ profile before Jan 15, 2024, 11:59PM UTC if potential bot transactions are identified with your wallet address. Eligible social attestations include X/Twitter, Discord, Steam, and Github. Check your social attestations here.
  • Total $MNT Received per User: (Eligible MJ Miles per User / Total Eligible MJ Miles) x 15,000,000

Exact conversion ratio and Total Eligible MJ Miles will be available on Jan. 29, 2024 when the Reward page is live.

For more details on which categories you accrued MJ Miles in, please head to your profile. MJ Miles accumulated during Mantle Moonshot have also been added to your overall MJ Miles record.

How to Claim

  1. Rewards Tabulation in Progess: From now until Jan. 29, 2024, MJ Miles will be tabulated and Sybil and bot checks will commence.
  2. Open for Claim: From Jan. 29, 2024, 8AM UTC to Feb. 28, 11:59PM UTC, eligible reward recipients can claim their $MNT rewards from the rewards page within a 30-day claim period. An additional announcement will be made on Mantle's official channels once rewards are available to be claimed.
  3. Claim Conditions: Users will have to claim their $MNT rewards during the claim period or may risk having their rewards forfeited (all unclaimed rewards will be returned to Mantle Treasury). Once claimed, your rewards will be reflected in the wallet connected to your Mantle Journey Soulbound Token (MJSBT).
  4. Share Your Winnings: After you've successfully claimed your $MNT, don't forget to flex your achievements on X/Twitter!

Allocated to Protocols: 10,000,000 $MNT

Protocols are ranked on two leaderboards based on their Total Value Locked (TVL) and transactions respectively. The top 50 eligible protocols on each leaderboard will receive rewards based on the table below:

Leaderboard ranking and total MJ Miles accrued per protocol can be seen on the leaderboard page. Please note that:

  1. To be eligible for rewards on the transaction or TVL leaderboards, each protocol has to reach a minimum of 10,000 transactions or $50,000 worth in TVL respectively, and complete KYB — rewards will only be distributed to eligible protocols
  2. 50% of $MNT rewards distributed will be sent to protocol teams ranked on the leaderboards.
  3. The remaining 50% of distributed rewards will be redistributed to the protocols' user incentives in future Mantle Journey seasons

Distribution Details

  1. Final Amount Distributed (Based on Total Eligible Protocols): 9.205M $MNT (All remaining undistributed rewards from the 10M $MNT allocation will be returned to Mantle Treasury)
  2. Total Eligible Protocols: 43 based on Transactions Leaderboard and 29 based on TVL Leaderboard
  3. Winning Protocols & Expected Rewards

  1. Ready for Distribution: Starting from Feb. 5, 2024, 50% of the rewards will be distributed to eligible top winning protocols within a 30-day period. Plans on how the remaining 50% of distributed rewards will be redistributed to protocol user incentives will be revealed in upcoming months.

If you have any questions on the above, feel free to reach out on our Discord channel.

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