A Guide to Mantle Journey Miles

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A Guide to Mantle Journey Miles

Mantle Journey is our next step after the launch of Mantle Network Mainnet Alpha as we get closer to driving new ways of ecosystem and community building off-chain and on-chain.

Mantle Journey explorers can traverse this new ecosystem in the pilot phase, Season Alpha, by completing simple activities, collecting Mantle Journey Miles (MJ Miles) along the way and unlocking exciting Mantle Journey rewards. The program will consist of multiple seasons, each lasting several months. Each season will have dynamic miles calculation rules and reward calculation rules.

Every activity*, big or small, will add to the growing pile of MJ Miles.

Before that, make sure you've connected your wallet via MetaMask, WalletConnect or other available wallets and minted your Mantle Journey Soulbound Token (MJSBT) — you're all set to rake in MJ Miles once you've completed the aforementioned steps.

During Season Alpha, a limited set of on and off-chain activities will be tracked and counted for MJ Miles. Initially, the Mantle core contributor team will determine the weights and caps attached to each activity when converting them into miles. They will also establish account disqualification criteria and the calculation process for points and season rewards. Specific rules will be revealed periodically before the end of each season. In future seasons, the community will have the opportunity to provide feedback, and improvements will be made based on the analysis of prior seasons.

Explorer's Expedition Map

⏹️ Mantle Network Mainnet Transactions

+10 MJ Miles (per On-Chain Transaction)

For every transaction executed on Mantle Network Mainnet after your MJSBT has been minted, you'll get 10 MJ Miles. This includes swapping, minting NFTs and other activities.

Please note that depositing or bridging assets to Mantle Network will not be double-counted as transactions under this category and will be tracked under the next category instead.

Capped at 1,000,000 MJ Miles per user per season.

⏹️ Deposit or Bridge Assets to Mantle Network (Total Value Locked)

+1 MJ Mile (per $500 Worth in Assets)

Every $500 worth in deposits and/or bridged assets of ETH, USDC, USDT, wBTC, xETH and xUSD (verified protocols only — see "Interact With Verified Protocols" section below) will earn you 1 MJ Mile. Deposits include transfers from other wallets or accounts to the wallet currently tagged to your MJSBT, and you can bridge the highlighted assets to Mantle Network using the Mainnet Bridge.

Please note that depositing and bridging of $MNT to Mantle Network will not be double-counted for MJ Miles under this category and will be tracked under the next category instead.

Capped at 300,000 MJ Miles per user per season.

⏹️ Hold $MNT Tokens

+1 MJ Mile (per 500 $MNT or $WMNT Held)

For every 500 $MNT and/or $WMNT you have in the wallet connected to your MJSBT, you will receive 1 MJ Mile. A snapshot of your balance will occur daily and MJ Miles will be distributed accordingly based on the cumulative balance amount on the snapshot.

For example, if you have 500 $MNT in your account for 5 days with no $MNT withdrawals from and deposits into your account, you will receive 1 MJ Mile x 5 days = 5 MJ Miles. If you deposit 500 $MNT in your account every day for 5 days without withdrawals, you will receive 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 MJ Miles = 15 MJ Miles after 5 days.

Capped at 150,000 MJ Miles per user per season.

⏹️ Interact With Verified Protocols

+20 MJ Miles (per Liquidity Interaction) +50 MJ Miles (per Bridging Interaction)

We're teaming up with some of Mantle Ecosystem's verified protocols to bring Mantle Journey explorers more MJ Miles. Bridge or add Liquidity to Mantle Network from verified protocols via their bridging and liquidity functions as available. For every interaction, users will earn 50 (bridging) and 20 MJ Miles (adding liquidity).

Please note that interactions with verified protocols offer additional miles but these are not the only apps that you can utilize to earn points. Check out the "Mantle Network Mainnet Transactions" section above to learn how to earn using other dApps!

In Season Alpha, you can interact with verified protocols to add liquidity or bridge to earn MJ Miles under this category. Check out the full list of verified protocols at the bottom of this quest page, under "Verified Protocols".

Capped at 2,000 MJ Miles per interaction type per user per season.

⏹️ Social Media Verification

+100 MJ Miles (Per Account, Max. 4 Accounts)

Link your X/Twitter, Discord, Steam and GitHub accounts to your MJSBT. With every social media account's successful verification, 100 MJ Miles will be added to your account.

*Upon launch, only X/Twitter account verification will be made available. Please check in later to see all verification options and complete them to earn the maximum number of MJ Miles allocated for this task.

Capped at 400 MJ Miles per user.

⏹️ Testnet Contributions

+500 MJ Miles (Max.)

For Mantle Network's long-time supporters who have been around since our days on testnet, rest assured that your contributions have been tracked and indexed.

*Only testnet transactions and activities before July 7, 2023, 23:59PM UTC will be indexed and counted towards your MJ Miles.

  • Testnet users qualify as long as they have made at least one (1) testnet transaction in a particular week; cumulative (not consecutive) weekly transactions will be counted
  • Bridging and voting will only be counted once, i.e., as long as you have completed the action once, you will be rewarded with the corresponding MJ Miles

If MJ Miles have been allocated to you for your testnet contributions, you'll be notified upon the successful minting of your MJSBT and see them reflected in your MJ Miles balance. Watch as your account balance goes from zero to hero even before you complete a new activity.

⏹️ User Profile Customization

+20 MJ Miles

You're a few steps away from earning an easy 20 MJ Miles:

  • [+10 MJ Miles] Be known by your preferred username within the community — your username will be displayed on the Mantle Mileage Index and upcoming leaderboard should you make it to the top of the ranks
  • [+10 MJ Miles] Add your email and be subscribed to important Mantle updates and newsletters
  • Add your unique anti-phishing code (no additional MJ Miles here) to immediately identify scam Mantle emails, as only emails sent officially from Mantle will contain your anti-phishing code

Capped at 20 MJ Miles per user.

⏹️ Participate in Governance

+50-100 MJ Miles (per Event)

Two activities fall under the governance portion: delegation and votes.

  • [+50 MJ Miles] For every vote you cast for a proposal on Mantle's Snapshot, you will receive 50 MJ Miles — capped at 2,000 MJ Miles per user per season
  • [+100 MJ Miles] To cast your vote for Mantle proposals, you will need to activate your token voting power by delegating $MNT to your own address or others' address; this includes $BIT/$MNT L1 and $MNT L2 delegation — capped at 200 MJ Miles per user per season

New: Secondary Wallets

As seen in the navigation guide, Mantle Journey users can also add up to three (3) secondary wallets to their primary wallet. MJ Miles can be earned on these secondary wallets across all categories excluding: profile customization, social media verification and testnet contributions.

How Do You Use Your MJ Miles?

The accumulation of MJ Miles will help Mantle Journey explorers unlock tiered rewards with no deductions in Season Alpha. Participants can unlock unique NFT traits and other various incentives, to be detailed later in the season.

During Season Alpha, participants will only see one type of MJ Miles, but in subsequent seasons, MJ Miles will be separated into two categories:

  • MJ Season Miles: These are MJ Miles that are collected from a single season and cannot be brought over to the next season.
  • MJ Lifetime Miles: MJ Miles that will remain in your account across seasons.

Rewards distribution will happen at the end of each season — be the first to know when on our socials or blog. For more resources on Mantle Journey, check out the Mantle Journey Launch, our FAQ, Navigation Guide and Explorer Event.

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