mETH Holder Advantage: Boost Your Rewards With Ongoing EigenLayer Points on Mantle Network

04/29/242 min read

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mETH Holder Advantage: Boost Your Rewards With Ongoing EigenLayer Points on Mantle Network

The mETH User Dashboard is now live — if you hold mETH on Mantle L2, you can track while you earn new rewards, beginning with EigenLayer Points.

Mantle Treasury has restaked a large quantity of mETH into EigenLayer. A vast majority of the earned EigenLayer Points will be allocated to mETH holders on Mantle L2. Since the snapshot period began on Feb. 9, 2024, mETH holders can receive EigenLayer Points daily based on how much qualified mETH they hold on Mantle L2. This opportunity lasts until the end of EigenLayer's restaking program.

*If you've held mETH on Mantle L2 from Feb. 9, 2024 to April 29, 2024, you would have earned more EigenLayer Points than via the direct restaking of mETH on EigenLayer. You can see the corresponding amount of EigenLayer Points reflected on your dashboard.

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How It Works

Starting April 29, 2024, users can view their mETH balance and an overview of their estimated EigenLayer Points accumulated. The more mETH you hold on L2, the more EigenLayer Points you'll receive.

*Estimated EigenLayer Points for mETH holdings on Mantle L2 from Feb. 9, 2024 onwards are counted and can be viewed.

  • Estimated Daily EigenLayer Points Accumulated per User = (User's mETH Holdings on L2 on any given day / Total mETH Holdings on L2 on this very day) x 1.92M EigenLayer Points
    • For example, if you hold 1,000 mETH on L2 today, and there are a total of 100,000 mETH holdings on this day, the total estimated number of EigenLayer Points you will receive is 19,200 points.

Your mETH held on ecosystem dApps will also be counted — simply view your qualified in-dApp mETH holdings on your dashboard accordingly.

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3 Steps to Start Accumulating EigenLayer Points

  1. Acquire mETH via the Mainnet Bridge or decentralized exchanges, find the full list here
  2. Make sure you're holding mETH on Mantle L2!
  3. Wait for your estimated EigenLayer Points to appear on your dashboard

Eligible mETH holders can accumulate EigenLayer Points on Mantle for as long as EigenLayer's points initiative is still ongoing. Please note that points reflected on the dashboard are estimated and may be subject to changes — final points will be determined once EigenLayer has defined their points distribution criteria. Similarly, the final EigenLayer Points to token conversion ratio depends on the ratio that Mantle Treasury receives from EigenLayer.

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