Mantle Grants


Mantle is an ecosystem that aims to foster a strong developer community through its wide range of initiatives supporting projects across their development lifecycle.

Our Grants Programs

Mantle Scouts Program

  • We empower 16 well-respected leaders with strong conviction in the Mantle Ecosystem to disburse $1 million in $MNT grants to high quality projects.

Public Grants

  • In line with our vision to foster a vibrant developer community, we welcome early stage projects to apply for grants (worth up to $20,000 in $MNT tokens) to kick start their journey on Mantle.

Start Your Journey on Mantle

Public Grants

Other Ecosystem Support Initiatives

In addition to the Grants Program, Mantle also features other initiatives to support builders across their project lifecycle:

  • MIP-25 - Mantle EcoFund: A $200 million catalyzed capital pool investing in native applications and technology partners of Mantle Ecosystem. Learn More
  • MIP-28 - Liquidity Support for Applications: Combined allowance of $300 million in USDx, ETH, BTC, and MNT to support ecosystem growth and partnerships through liquidity support for applications. Learn More