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Mantle EcoFund

A $200 million catalyzed capital pool investing in native applications and technology partners of Mantle Ecosystem.

Current Priority

The Mantle EcoFund Investment Committee (MIP-24) and Mantle Economics Committee (MIP-25) are looking for the following application types to showcase:

Requirements for Applications:

Potential to achieve 1000+ daily active users on Mantle Network, and a substantial volume of daily transactions.

Synergies with other applications in the ecosystem.

A focus on Mantle Network via:

Deployment on a limited number of alternative blockchains. Optionally, a new brand and token for their Mantle Network deployment.

Core functionalities deployed on Mantle Network, supplemented by extensions to other blockchains or web2 systems via relayers or other solutions.

Substantial allocation of community-building endeavors for the Mantle deployment.

Ability to attract capital from venture firms and other capital allocators via a display of product differentiation, technical capability, and ability to attract users.

Applications will be prioritized for:

Designation as a "Showcase" and/or "EcoFund" application tag on Mantle website, granting priority exposure.

Prioritization for Mantle co-promotion on media, social, events, etc.

Enhanced delegated voting on Mantle Governance.

Exclusive category representation from the EcoFund (for most categories we are looking for 1 or 2 Showcase Apps).

Listing support on partnered exchanges.

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Mantle Ecofund was approved on July 15, 2023 via the MIP-24 proposal.

It aims to catalyze a capital pool of $200 million, to be deployed within Mantle Ecosystem over the next 3 years through the collaborative efforts of the Mantle EcoFund and Strategic Venture Partners.

100 million USDC provided by Mantle from its Treasury, and as Mantle EcoFund's investments are matched typically 1:1 with the Strategic Venture Partners, the remaining $100 million will be comprised of the external matching capital from Strategic Venture Partners when they co-invest with Mantle EcoFund opportunistically.

Strategic Venture Partners

Alumni Ventures Blockchain FundAnimoca VenturesBankless VenturesCadenza VenturesDragonfly CapitalFigment CapitalFolius VenturesGhaf Capital PartnersHashedHashkey CapitalLeadblock PartnersLemniscapPantera CapitalPlay VenturesQCP CapitalRepublic CryptoSelini CapitalSevenX VenturesShima CapitalSpartan GroupWhampoa Digital

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