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Mantle Grants Program

Innovation Grant

  • Tailored towards user applications of a casual nature, such as: social, memes, art, token creation utilities, prediction markets, and casual on-chain games.
  • Aims to expedite the launch of proof-of-concept applications on Mantle Network, attracting a minimum of 100 daily active users before progressing to subsequent stages (such as support for user expansion, or investment from Mantle EcoFund).
  • Target Grant Amount: 25,000 in $MNT tokens (USDC in unique cases).
  • Retrospective grant applications accepted.
  • Intention to allocate a minimum of 10 grants per month.

Note: For venture funding, please visit the Mantle EcoFund page. For performance-based incentive programs, please visit the Mantle Journey page.

Additional Information

General Criteria:

When evaluating whether your project proposal fits the Grants Program, be sure it meets the following criteria:

  1. Grants follow the terms of BIP-19 Mantle Network Budget. The Mantle core contributor team can adjust the structure and evaluation criteria of the Mantle Grants Program based on the best interest of Mantle Ecosystem, community feedback, or instructions from Mantle Governance.
  2. While grants generally do not require exclusive deployment on Mantle Network, priority is given to projects that have the potential to become flagship applications on Mantle Network.
  3. Projects aligned with open-source principles are favored for support.

Administrative Processes:

When evaluating whether your project proposal fits the Grants Program, be sure it meets the following criteria:

  1. Grant applications may require the collection of specific information for evaluation, which will be detailed in the application webform.
  2. Some grants may require signing of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
  3. Grant recipients need to sign a DocuSign Grant Agreement with standard terms and customized milestones.
  4. Innovation Grants typically take at least two weeks for evaluation, considering application backlog and scheduling for discussion and evaluation by the grants business development team.
  5. All grant discussions are non-final until both parties sign the Grant Agreement.
  6. Grant recipients must undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which usually takes at least one week and is separate from the Grant Agreement process.