Mantle Scouts Program

Program Overview

  • Under the Scouts Program, Mantle empowers 16 industry leaders to distribute $1 million worth of $MNT tokens to high quality projects
  • Each Scout will identify & recommend promising projects to Mantle to participate in this program.
  • All grant applications will be assessed using a consistent framework based on team competence, product & roadmap feasibility & unique value proposition

Our Mantle Scouts

  • The Mantle Scouts Program brings together a stellar lineup of investors, founders, and thought leaders with proven track records in identifying and nurturing promising crypto projects. This esteemed group includes:
  • David Chreng-Messembourg

    @David Chreng-Messembourg

    Founding Partner of LeadBlock Partners & LeadBlock Bitpanda Ventures

  • Peter Yang

    @Peter Yang

    Managing Director at Fenbushi Capital

  • Tascha Punyaneramitdee

    @Tascha Punyaneramitdee

    Founder of INIT Capital

  • Chris Sirise

    @Chris Sirise

    Co-Founder of Pixelmon

  • John Park

    @John Park

    CEO of a41

  • Nomatic


    Co-host of the Edge Podcast with DeFi Dad

  • Chia Jeng Yang

    @Chia Jeng Yang

    Ex. Investor at Pantera Capital

  • Brent Matterson

    @Brent Matterson

    Associate at Bankless Ventures

  • Joe Takayama

    @Joe Takayama

    Renowned Crypto YouTuber

  • Ben Wee

    @Ben Wee

    Director at Ethene Labs

  • Defi Jeff

    @Defi Jeff

    Head of Advisory at Steak Capital

  • FD


    Founding Partner of Gam3Girl Ventures

  • Chaojijun


    Founder of Benmo Community

  • Joyce Yang

    @Joyce Yang

    Founder of Global Coin Research

  • Ivan Li

    @Ivan Li

    Founding Partner of Comma3 Ventures

  • Jun Park

    @Jun Park

    Senior Investor at Hashed