Mantle EcoFund

A $200 million catalyzed capital pool investing in native applications and technology partners of Mantle Ecosystem.

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    Investment criteria

    In general, we are looking for projects that:

    • Are early stage
    • Are seeking a long-term partnership with Mantle
    • Can attract capital from venture firms and allocators
    • Synergize with other Mantle Ecosystem partners
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    Support Provided


    • EcoFund “EF” tag
    • Deal structuring and fundraising support

    Prioritized For

    • Mantle co-promotion on media, social, events, etc
    • Enhanced delegated voting
    • Listing recommendations to partnered exchanges
    • Liquidity support via Economics Committee program
    • Direct access and regular catchups with the Mantle Growth team
    Note: the above services are also provided for the top performing applications on Mantle
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    More on the EcoFund

    Mantle EcoFund was approved on 2023 July 15th via the MIP-24 proposal.

    It aims to catalyze a capital pool of $200 million, to be deployed within Mantle Ecosystem over the next 3 years through the collaborative efforts of the Mantle EcoFund and Strategic Venture Partners.

    100 million USDC has been provided by Mantle Treasury, and as Mantle EcoFund's investments are matched typically 1:1 with the Strategic Venture Partners, the remaining $100 million will be comprised of the external matching capital from Strategic Venture Partners when they co-invest with Mantle EcoFund opportunistically.




All-in-one exchange redefining the trading experience.


The Liquidity Hook Money Market – Lend, Borrow, and Access Yield Strategies with Liquidity Hook

Money MarketLending

An intent-based decentralised derivatives exchange offering perpetual futures trading


Next-gen blockchain MMORPG homeland.




Smart Money, Social Interaction, Exciting Entertainment - A Whole New Decentralized Trading Experience!

Perpetual Futures

An application layer-focused venture studio building web3 companies

Other DeFiGamesNFTsOther Infra



A Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager for EigenLayer


TsunamiX is a gamified spot and margin trading protocol that enables traders to trade crypto-assets.

Perpetual Futures

A community-driven cultural collective dedicated to pioneering communal-ownership of the most significant artworks and artifacts, both digital and physical


A new web3-native operating system that aims to improve the complex user experience within crypto


Range Protocol is building the Universal On-chain Asset Management Platform


Merchant Moe is the cornerstone DEX for Mantle Network. A trader's oasis, Moe offers seamless trading, discretized liquidity, and real yield all within his intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform.


Strategic Venture Partners

Alumni Ventures Blockchain FundAnimoca VenturesBankless VenturesCadenza VenturesDragonfly CapitalFigment CapitalFolius VenturesGhaf Capital PartnersHashedHashkey CapitalLeadblock PartnersLemniscapPantera CapitalPlay VenturesQCP CapitalRepublic CryptoSelini CapitalSevenX VenturesShima CapitalSpartan GroupWhampoa Digital

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