Polyhedra Network Introduces ZK Full-Stack to Mantle Network

08/10/232 min read

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Polyhedra Network Introduces ZK Full-Stack to Mantle Network

Polyhedra Network, a protocol that designs and implements zkBridges and zero-knowledge (ZK) proof technology, is bringing their expertise on ZK stacks to Mantle Network. It aims to drive the adoption of ZK proof technology across developers and users in Mantle Ecosystem.

Mantle Network builders will be able to seamlessly access and integrate Polyhedra’s ZK innovations for:

  • Cross-chain bridging alternatives where Polyhedra’s trustless cross-chain interoperability protocol secured by ZK proofs are available 

  • Verifiable digital identity system implementation that ensures the privacy and security of users of any dApp 

  • Cross-chain building of applications on LayerZero due to Polyhedra’s full integration with its messaging protocol, where builders can get full support to developer tooling and community support

As Polyhedra aims to increase interoperability, scalability, security and privacy with ZK technology, Mantle Network continues to deliver to all hyperscaled performance at low fees, while secured by  Ethereum. With Polyhedra’s addition to Mantle Ecosystem, the Mantle community of builders are able to supercharge their builds in different ways based on the new integrations and systems made available on Mantle Network, made possible with this synergistic collaboration. 

“The partnership between Mantle Network and Polyhedra Network marks the accessibility of ZK stacks to our builders. Polyhedra Network will fully support the Mantle Network community with trustless and efficient interoperability powered by zkBridge,” said Abner Jia, CEO of Polyhedra Network.

"With Polyhedra Network, the Mantle community now has access to a variety of ZK-powered tools to solve cross-chain interoperability and digital identity, while also allowing communities across chains to interact and transact with each other seamlessly," said Arjun Kalsy, head of ecosystem at Mantle.

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