Mantle v2 Sepolia Testnet Public Contest Powered by Secure3

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Mantle v2 Sepolia Testnet Public Contest Powered by Secure3

Calling out to all developers and security auditors — Mantle Network has teamed up with Secure3 for the Mantle Network v2 Sepolia Testnet Public Contest, with 170,000 USDC in rewards for auditors who stress test Mantle v2 Sepolia Testnet ahead of the Mantle Network v2 launch.

Public Contest Period: March 4, 2024, 12AM (midnight) UTC - March 21, 2024, 11:59PM UTC

What is the Public Contest?

We're inviting the developer community to audit Mantle v2 Sepolia Testnet's latest version, updated after multiple private audit contests with Secure3 prior to the launch of the Public Contest.

Together with Secure3, Mantle Network aims to build a transparent and iterative severity standard that facilitates collective improvement through wider quality feedback from the community in the Public Contest.

We welcome more auditors to contribute to our standard. Auditors will be rewarded based on the severity and uniqueness of issues found, along with the provision of constructive suggestions and actionable fixes.

How do auditors participate?

Any participant can sign up and send in their submissions via Secure3's Mantle Public Contest page. You will need to refer to Mantle Network v2's technical documentation here, and also the report from the previous private contest rounds (available when the contest begins).

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Submissions should be focused on the following parts of Mantle v2 Sepolia Testnet:

  • Bridge-related contracts on Layer-1 and Layer-2, especially the locking and minting of $MNT and $ETH lock and mint
  • Security of assets locked on Mantle v2 Sepolia Testnet Bridge
  • The sequencer (excluding attacks and crashes)
  • Modification on op-geth, including the gas fee collection mechanism and meta transaction protocol
  • Mantle DA, driving blocks from unsafe to safe, and finalized

For known bugs and issues that will not be counted for the contest, please check the main page here.

Auditors' eligibility for a reward is based on if their submission is a valid finding, and the splitting guideline is based on how critical the bug identified is, and the overall quality of the submission. For more details, please check Secure3's documentation here.

Grading will take place after the Public Contest ends, and results will be shared by Secure3. Distribution of rewards will follow the process as outlined here. If you have any questions, please reach out to Secure3's Discord channel.

About Secure3

Secure3 is an auditing platform where elite auditors compete to safeguard web3 innovations against security threats. Secure3's auditor selection model matches auditors with a more relevant background and consistent performance.

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