How Mantle Is Pioneering Innovation in the DeFi Landscape

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How Mantle Is Pioneering Innovation in the DeFi Landscape

Since the launch of Mantle, we have been committed to creating a diverse ecosystem that delivers value to all stakeholders involved, including both users and developers. To achieve this, Mantle is dedicated to supporting truly innovative decentralized applications (dApps) that contribute to and enhance the development of Mantle Ecosystem.

Gabriel Foo, DeFi growth lead at Mantle comments: "In a future where layer 2 (L2) ecosystems have reached a point of maturity, every chain will be known by the dApps that live on it. Mantle aims to be the breeding ground for developers to build out the most innovative solutions to key problems in the industry. Our continuous goal of deeply supporting great teams and founders in building their vision of a killer dApp is of the utmost importance to Mantle."

To establish itself as a prominent L2 ecosystem, Mantle recognizes the need to support the development of a wide range of protocols, each serving a unique purpose. The diversity of our showcase applications demonstrates Mantle's success in this endeavor, supporting the development of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), money markets, NFT marketplaces, and more. Throughout this article, we will demonstrate how Mantle supports its ecosystem dApps, and at the end, we will dive into the latest updates concerning some of our showcase dApps.

How Mantle Supports Ecosystem dApps

Infrastructure and Scalability

One of the most effective ways a network can support dApps within its ecosystem is by providing a secure and scalable infrastructure. Mantle's modular architecture enables dApps to achieve high throughput and leverage Ethereum's roll-up technology for greater security, all within a familiar EVM environment. Additionally, dApps benefit from low transaction fees and faster finality thanks to the integration of roll-up technology with a decentralized data availability layer — Mantle DA, powered by EigenDA technology.

Community Engagement Strategies

Another way Mantle supports ecosystem dApps is by fostering synergistic relationships between users and the applications. To achieve this, Mantle has implemented community engagement strategies that incentivize interaction with ecosystem dApps, thereby increasing traffic and user adoption and ultimately contributing to their growth. A prime example of such an initiative was Mantle Moonshot, an eight-week incentive program hosted on Galxe. During Mantle Moonshot, participants had to complete specific tasks related to the two protocols selected for that week. Completing all the tasks was necessary to be eligible for rewards. These tasks included a variety of activities such as trading, staking, depositing, making referrals, engaging on social media, and more. Mantle Moonshot was a huge success, increasing user activity on participating protocols. This highlights the strength of Mantle's community and demonstrates how it can be used to support dApps within Mantle Ecosystem.

Business Development Support

Providing appropriate business development support to dApps that build or integrate within the ecosystem is crucial, as it equips them with the necessary tools to thrive. In episode 4 of DeFi Uncovered, Edmund, a member of Mantle's Ecosystem Business Development team, stated, "Mantle actively engages in business development activities with various protocols, involving joint marketing initiatives, interactive dialogues, and facilitating connections among different projects within the ecosystem to encourage collaborative partnerships.”

This approach encourages synergistic partnerships between ecosystem dApps. By developing an ecosystem where dApps can leverage each other's strengths, share insights, and innovate together, Mantle ensures that developers have the support and resources they need to succeed..

Mantle EcoFund

Mantle EcoFund, a catalyzed capital pool of $200M, was established to accelerate the growth of Mantle Ecosystem. As a venture fund, it provides financial and strategic support to projects building on Mantle Network. It was initially proposed as part of MIP-24 to encourage innovation and development within the ecosystem and help attract dApps that align with Mantle's vision and objectives.

Mantle EcoFund supports dApps that not only stand out on their own but also enhance the ecosystem through synergies with existing applications. This approach ensures that the benefits extend beyond the direct recipients of the EcoFund, fostering a collaborative environment where all dApps can thrive together.

Mantle’s Showcase dApps

Through Mantle EcoFund and the support strategies outlined above, Mantle has successfully attracted some of the most innovative dApps in the DeFi space. Many of these have become a core part of the ecosystem, serving as Mantle's Showcase Applications.

Merchant Moe

  • Embark on Season 2 of The Journey with Merchant Moe where participants have the chance to accumulate Moe Journey Points (MJP) to share a total of 100,000 $MNT rewards. For more information, visit here.
  • Harness the potential of $mETH DeFi and acquire $MOE rewards through liquidity provision in these newly established pools: $mETH/LEND and $mETH/$MINU.
  • Merchant Moe recently posted a proposal to upgrade the $MOE staking system. This upgrade seeks to reward $MOE holders in $mETH who have staked their tokens into $MOE Staking.
  • Keep an eye on Merchant Moe's X/Twitter as they continue to release information on the upcoming release of Liquidity Book, Merchant Moe's concentrated liquidity protocol.

Ondo Finance

  • $USDY is now available on Mantle DEXs, including AGNI Finance.
  • With its recent integration into INIT Capital, $USDY can be used in lending and borrowing activities within the protocol.
  • Ondo Finance have recently introduced their own points program. Earn points by simply holding $USDY/$mUSD on Mantle L2. For more information visit Ondo Foundation’s X/Twitter.

Get access to $USDY today:

INIT Capital

  • Phase 2: Liquidity Hook is now live on INIT Capital. In Phase 2, users can earn INIT points by:
  1. Deposit: 1 point / every $100 per 24hr
  2. Borrow: 5 points / every $100 per 24hr
  3. Hook: Users will accumulate INIT points by using the brand new $mETH looping hook.
  • To celebrate the launch of Phase 2: Liquidity Hook, INIT Capital is offering the chance to win the INIT Golden Ticket. Participants can enter the draw by completing a community quest hosted on Galxe.
  • 80k $MNT will be exclusively distributed amongst all users on INIT. For more information, take a look at INIT Capital's X/Twitter.
  • Merchant Moe, AGNI Finance, and FusionX have been integrated into INIT Capital to ensure the best rate swap for the $mETH Looping Hook.

  • Butter currently has an initiative that allows users to collect points to ensure they receive a share of the upcoming $BUTTER drop. The more users interact with the platform, the more points they earn. Engaging with swap on Butter is not just about making trades, it's an opportunity to earn Points. Additionally, Butter users have the opportunity to accumulate points by referring friends to the platform. Each successful referral allows you to earn points, rewarding you for both your own activities and the interactions on your referrals' account. For more information on the points initiative, head over to or take a read of the official docs.


  • Not only is Mintle home to Citizens of Mantle, but it also hosts a variety of other collections. Visit Mintle's platform to explore some of the latest collections available. Below are a few examples for your reference.

Range Protocol

  • Range has joined Ondo Finance's points program. By providing liquidity to either the Agni Finance or FusionX USDC/USDY vaults, participants can earn Ondo points in addition to the usual yields!

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