Mantle Showcase: Mantle Increases DeFi Capabilities With Vertex Collaboration

06/11/243 min read

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Mantle Showcase: Mantle Increases DeFi Capabilities With Vertex Collaboration

Mantle is delighted to announce a strategic alliance with Vertex, a cross-margined decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol. This collaboration will integrate Vertex's offerings — including spot trading, perpetual contracts, and an integrated money market — into one seamless application within Mantle Network's DeFi ecosystem.

To support Vertex and ensure its best possible start within the Mantle Ecosystem, the Mantle Treasury will deploy funding into the Vertex ecosystem, supporting its mission to create the deepest on-chain liquidity option for users.

Vertex's Strategic Advantage: Enhancing User Experience for Mantle Users

The alliance between Vertex and Mantle offers traders a series of benefits, as Vertex’s is designed to enhance user experience for both new and experienced traders. By integrating Vertex into Mantle Network, users can now benefit from the following features:

  • Enhanced Trading Experience: Vertex's integrated trading ecosystem offers Mantle users significant capital efficiencies, competitive speed, and user experience, all while maintaining the principles of self-custody and on-chain settlement.
  • High-Speed, Advanced Performance Orderbook: Vertex achieves low latency times of 5–15 milliseconds, comparable to leading CEXs. By utilizing Mantle's advanced scaling capabilities, Vertex ensures a swift, stable, and scalable trading experience for users.
  • Cross-Chain Liquidity Through Vertex Edge: Vertex Edge, a synchronous orderbook liquidity layer between chains, will be instrumental in addressing liquidity fragmentation across different blockchains. Consolidating the orderbook liquidity from all supported blockchains via the Vertex sequencer provides Mantle users with immediate access to extensive liquidity in lucrative perpetual markets.

What's Next for Vertex: Upcoming Opportunities to Watch

Leading up to their launch on Mantle Network, Vertex has been preparing some exciting initiatives for Mantle users. 1 million $MNT will be offered as trading rewards to early users of Vertex on Mantle. Most of these rewards will be distributed based on trading activity across perpetual and spot markets, with the remainder allocated to an upcoming trading competition in collaboration with The competition is scheduled to commence shortly after its launch on Mantle Network, and will challenge traders to climb a leaderboard based on their on-chain performance metrics.

A unique Token Generation Event (TGE) for Mantle users is also forthcoming. This will offer exclusive perks and opportunities for early participants to boost their engagement on Vertex. Both initiatives are available to all Mantle users, and further details will be announced shortly. Follow Mantle and Vertex's official X/Twitter profiles to stay updated on the latest announcements.

A Word From Both Teams

This collaboration offers synergistic benefits to both Vertex and Mantle. Vertex's success and widespread adoption across supported blockchains demonstrate its strong potential to thrive within Mantle Ecosystem. This vision is echoed by Mark, head of business development at Mantle, who says:

"We at Mantle are excited to enhance our DeFi ecosystem offerings by welcoming an innovative platform like Vertex. The platform’s ability to provide cross-chain orderbook liquidity and achieve low-latency, high-performance trading with cross-margins will significantly improve user experience, aligning with one of Mantle's key objectives. This collaboration will not only expand the DeFi capabilities of Mantle Network, but also draw in a wide variety of users and transform their trading experiences.”

The optimistic outlook on the collaboration is also echoed by Vertex, as Co-Founder Darius Tabatabai adds: "Mantle is one of the most impressive ecosystems we have encountered, boasting a rapidly growing and engaged community alongside an ambitious growth plan. The opportunity to expand alongside its community and in partnership with its foundation is uniquely compelling. Together, we look forward to expanding Vertex within this new ecosystem, bringing fresh energy and growth to decentralized finance on Mantle."

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