Mantle Collaborates With Nansen: Empowering the Ecosystem Using Advanced Analytics

03/06/242 min read

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Mantle Collaborates With Nansen: Empowering the Ecosystem Using Advanced Analytics

We're thrilled to announce that Nansen, a leading blockchain analytics platform, has now integrated data from Mantle into its platform. This collaboration enhances users' ability to access and analyze Mantle Network's on-chain data.

Nansen: Revolutionizing Blockchain Analytics

Nansen has established itself as a leader in blockchain analytics, providing users with comprehensive tools to access a wealth of on-chain data across multiple blockchains. Their platform is designed to help users discover opportunities, perform due diligence, and monitor their portfolios with real-time dashboards and alerts. With the integration of Mantle, this alliance is a significant step forward in our mission to offer the best tools and data to our community, enhancing the decision-making process for developers and users alike.

Zuki Hong, infra growth lead at Mantle adds: “This integration opens the door for the Mantle community, offering a tool for improved decision-making and fundamentally transforming how our community engages with on-chain data. We are genuinely excited about what this means for Mantle Ecosystem and the possibilities it unlocks for our users.”

Enhancing Mantle Network’s Transparency

The alliance also propels Mantle closer to its aim of achieving enhanced transparency within its network. Leveraging Nansen's blockchain analytics platform, users and protocols within Mantle Ecosystem can now gain an insight into network operations. This level of transparency is vital, enabling all participants to be fully aware of the network's activities in real-time. Such clarity strengthens trust within the ecosystem and underscores Mantle's commitment to offering a secure, transparent, and user-focused network.

A Word From Nansen's Founder

Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen, expressed his enthusiasm for this alliance, stating, "Our mission at Nansen has always been to surface the signal and create winners. Together, Nansen and Mantle will empower crypto teams, investors, and the Mantle community with a deeper understanding of their ecosystem. This will set Mantle up as a winning chain in the years to come."

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