High-Capital Efficiency DEX & Launchpad Platform AGNI to Support Mantle Network

08/02/232 min read

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High-Capital Efficiency DEX & Launchpad Platform AGNI to Support Mantle Network

AGNI, a one-stop permissionless platform for AMM-based trades that provides users with multiple yield-earning features, including a dynamic launchpad, has now joined Mantle Ecosystem. Powered by Mantle Network, AGNI is able to deliver on faster and cheaper decentralized trades and decentralized exchange (DEX) products, while guaranteeing a high security environment for its users.

Enhancing Liquidity Provision

With permissionless liquidity pools that support any tokens, users are free to create pools for their preferred tokens without having to wait for the platform to make them available. Moreover, AGNI is also focused on a concentrated liquidity strategy, which spreads liquidity over a set price range to more effectively provide positive trading outcomes with any swap.

Yield-farming products, along with a new discovery launchpad that will seed the growth of trusted and innovative web3 projects and their tokens, will soon be available on AGNI as well.

Decentralized Support for $MNT & More

AGNI is one of the first few DEXs that provide support for the MNTtoken.UserscanswapMNT token. Users can swap MNT with popular assets such as USDC, USDT and $WETH, or add import tokens to a newly created liquidity pool for more swapping options.

With its native AGNItoken,userscanalsoengageingovernanceinkeydecisions,suchinthealignmentoftokenemissionsandincentivestobedistributedtoanyoneusingAGNI.ItsuseofanescrowedtokenwillalsohelptobetteralignAGNI token, users can also engage in governance in key decisions, such in the alignment of token emissions and incentives to be distributed to anyone using AGNI. Its use of an escrowed token will also help to better align AGNI tokenomics.

“AGNI joins the growing list of elite DEXs on Mantle enabling decentralized trading for the community,” said Arjun Kalsy, head of ecosystem at Mantle. “We designed Mantle Network to enable fast and efficient trades at low cost, and are excited to see more DeFi primitives arrive and grow the DeFi ecosystem on Mantle.”

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