Mantle Network Teams Up With Clearpool to Enhance DeFi Lending and Borrowing

02/06/243 min read

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Mantle Network Teams Up With Clearpool to Enhance DeFi Lending and Borrowing

Mantle Network proudly announces our alliance with Clearpool, a pioneering protocol in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. Clearpool, renowned for its innovative approach in creating the first permissionless marketplace for unsecured institutional liquidity, aligns with Mantle's vision of expanding and enriching its DeFi ecosystem.

A New Dimension in DeFi Lending and Borrowing

Clearpool offers an innovative DeFi lending platform with single-borrower pools, allowing direct lending to institutional borrowers. Its flexible model provides no lock-up periods for lenders and borrowers, and a unique interest rate curve for better capital efficiency and higher yields.

Clearpool has also attracted institutional attention with permissionless and KYB/AML-compliant permissioned pools, leading to the launch of Clearpool Prime, an institutional-grade decentralized credit marketplace. This approach, diverging from traditional over-collateralization in DeFi, optimizes capital flow and offers competitive returns for lenders. Since its launch, it has helped the protocol facilitate over $475M in loans.

Advancing DeFi Credit on Mantle Network

The alliance with Clearpool introduces Mantle Network to the forefront of DeFi credit markets and tokenized real world asset (RWA) lending. This collaboration is pivotal in harnessing Clearpool's expertise in single-borrower liquidity pools and risk-adjusted yields, further bolstering Mantle's commitment to innovation and growth in the DeFi sector.

Mantle is known for offering a secure and cost-effective service, making it an ideal chain for protocols to develop on. Recognizing this, alongside Mantle's strong brand recognition and credibility, Clearpool is set to benefit from the advantages of building on Mantle Network. This collaboration will assist Clearpool in achieving its strategic objectives while contributing to Mantle's rapidly developing ecosystem.

New Borrower Pools and Incentives

Two new borrowers will join the Clearpool ecosystem and establish permissionless pools on Mantle, which is expected to go live on launch. Clearpool has also received a 250,000 MNT token grant from Mantle. These MNT tokens will be entirely dedicated to bootstrapping the borrower pools on the Clearpool Mantle Market by rewarding lenders with MNT. The tokens will be sent to the address they provide liquidity from on Clearpool, in addition to the interest paid by borrowers. This rewards campaign is set to last 60 days from the day of launch.

A Vision Shared by Leaders

Jakob Kronbichler, CEO & Co-founder of Clearpool, shares his enthusiasm: "Our launch on Mantle Network marks another significant step in our mission to build the most comprehensive, multi-chain DeFi credit marketplace. By offering the scalability and cost advantages of layer-2 solutions, we are bringing on-chain credit to a wider audience while maintaining the robustness and security of Ethereum."

Gabriel Foo, DeFi Growth Lead at Mantle adds: "As Mantle Network strives to lead and innovate within the DeFi space, our alliance with Clearpool marks a significant milestone in our journey. Clearpool's pioneering approach to decentralized lending and their commitment to a permissionless, yet secure, DeFi ecosystem resonate with our vision of a more accessible and efficient financial future. We are thrilled to welcome Clearpool into our ecosystem, and look forward to the new avenues of growth and opportunities this will unlock for both institutional and individual participants in Mantle Ecosystem".

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