Bringing AI-Powered Blockchain Analytics to Mantle With Arkham

06/19/242 min read

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Bringing AI-Powered Blockchain Analytics to Mantle With Arkham

Mantle is bringing the power of AI blockchain analytics to our users through our latest alliance with Arkham. This collaboration allows users to access an AI-driven blockchain intelligence platform that enhances their performance by providing comprehensive on-chain and off-chain data and analytics on real-world entities driving the markets.

Enhancing Blockchain Data Accessibility and Transparency

Arkham is renowned for its advanced analytics capabilities, offering users a suite of tools to navigate the complexities of blockchain data. By integrating Mantle Network, Arkham will bring real-time Mantle Network data into its platform, ensuring users and ecosystem dApps have access to detailed and actionable insights. This integration promises to enhance transparency within Mantle Ecosystem, supporting our community in making more informed decisions and better understanding their interactions within the network.

“As the AI x Crypto narrative gains momentum, we are witnessing how these two breakthrough technologies can complement each other. Arkham exemplifies this synergy. With the help of AI, users can now access a wealth of Mantle's on-chain data. This not only empowers users to make informed decisions but also, thanks to increased transparency, enhances visibility into network activities which helps prevent and address malicious behavior, ensuring a safer ecosystem,” adds Gabriel Gareth Foo, DeFi Growth Lead at Mantle.

Key Features and Benefits for Mantle Users

Here are some key features Mantle users will be able to take advantage of through Arkham:

  • Entity Page: Gain a complete view of the activities of any entity or address, including their portfolio, historical balances, exchange usage, P&L, top counterparties, and sortable/filterable transaction lists.
  • Visualizer: Transform raw blockchain transactions into clear, understandable network maps.
  • Dashboards: Create and share unique dashboards featuring entities and addresses.
  • Filtering: Customize your data view by filtering and sorting transactions by time, counterparty, token, token amount, and USD value.
  • Alerts: Set and manage custom alerts for on-chain and off-chain activities.
  • Explorer: Utilize a full block explorer to view specific transaction details.

Getting Started on Arkham

Mantle users can start leveraging all of Arkham's powerful tools for free by visiting their platform. We encourage everyone to explore the features and see firsthand how this integration can enhance their blockchain experience.

“I’m super excited to be collaborating with Mantle, a project that shares our vision for greater transparency, accessibility, and literacy in onchain data. I look forward to working with them to make this a reality for the Mantle ecosystem.” - Miguel Morel, Arkham Co-Founder & CEO

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