Axelar Brings Enhanced Network Interoperability & Adds Support for Mantle Network

09/07/232 min read

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Axelar Brings Enhanced Network Interoperability & Adds Support for Mantle Network

Axelar, a full-stack interoperability layer for web3 that secures cross-chain communications, has now added Mantle Network to their list of supported blockchains, allowing users to easily and securely interact with on-chain assets and decentralized applications (dApps) in Mantle Ecosystem.

The Chain Connection

Any developer building on Mantle Network is able to call a smart contract from another EVM chain via Axelar’s General Message Passing (GMP) function, allowing for increased composability across multiple networks. The same goes for any other developer working on any Axelar-supported EVM chain — they are able to access Mantle Network’s dApps and execute various actions, including the moving of asset tokens, NFTs, performing a myriad of cross-chain calls and sync to multiple ecosystems, allowing for greater connectivity between networks.

A Secure & Seamless Interchain Future

As Axelar brings the world of web3 networks together on a single platform, it is also positioned to ensure secure cross-chain communication across its supported chains as it is built on proof-of-stake consensus. Additional features such as one-time cross-chain deposit addresses similarly contribute to Axelar’s goal to fortify security, allowing Mantle Network developers to interact safely with other networks and their offerings via a simple API.

“We are thrilled to add Mantle to the Axelar Network. Mantle Network is now connected to 48 other blockchains. Developers will be able to transfer assets, pass messages and create natively cross-chain applications. Users can now onboard Mantle from any blockchain in the Axelar Network with a single click. This will bring substantial liquidity into the ecosystem and supercharge Mantle’s growth,” said Jason Ma, Head of DeFi at Axelar.

“With Axelar live on the Mantle Network, we will see more cross-chain collaborations as liquidity and assets can freely flow to & fro from Mantle to other chains. We look forward to seeing new ways in which developers will leverage Axelar to create new value for the community,” shared Arjun Kalsy, head of ecosystem at Mantle.

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