February 2023 Recap: Spotlight on New $200M Catalyzed Capital Pool for Mantle EcoFund & zkEVM Research Proposals

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February 2023 Recap: Spotlight on New $200M Catalyzed Capital Pool for Mantle EcoFund & zkEVM Research Proposals

Two major events, two mega hackathons, multiple AMAs and hundreds of new potential projects since Mantle’s testnet launch in early January — the Mantle ecosystem continued to see increasing growth week on week in February.

As a community-governed and DAO-initiated layer-2 (L2) network, Mantle is constantly innovating and working with existing and potential partners to drive new ways to build web3 ecosystems on a high-performance Ethereum L2 constructed on the basis of modularity.

The road to Mantle’s mainnet inches closer with every new step taken — and here’s how Mantle is getting there.

Spotlight on Proposals: Share Your Thoughts

The $BIT community has an indisputable right to participate in key decisions that will shape Mantle’s future. Each feedback, discussion point, and vote counts towards every major Mantle decision; we invite all our friends in the community to participate in the formation of Mantle’s future.

Earlier this month, Mantle’s budget proposal, which called for funding support throughout Mantle’s testnet phase and first year of mainnet, passed with an unprecedented number of voters from the community.

We invite the community to share their thoughts today on two important Mantle proposals that will set the path for Mantle’s growth, recently published on the BitDAO forum:

  1. Mantle EcoFund

Mentions of an ecosystem fund have emerged across several AMAs since the testnet phase began, and we’re beyond thrilled to present a discussion on the establishment of Mantle EcoFund 1.

The EcoFund is poised to be a game-changer — with a catalyzed capital pool of $200 million to grow the Mantle ecosystem. The Mantle EcoFund will be deployed over three years with a target size of $100 million from the BitDAO treasury, and a 1:1 capital matching system with Strategic Venture Partners.

Tell us how we can better support builders with this EcoFund here: https://bitdao.to/mantle-ecofund-proposal

2. Mantle-zkEVM Research

Mantle aims to explore a zkEVM network for Mantle Mainnet and the strategy of parallel development of the Mantle Optimistic network, which is currently live on testnet.

The research team has been closely monitoring the ZK-rollup space with great interest and after some tests, believe that there is merit in going live with a zkEVM mainnet.

Industry leaders, researchers and community members are invited to share their perspectives and contribute to our zkEVM benchmarking exercise: https://bitdao.to/zkevm-research-proposal

We’ve made it easy for the community to participate in anonymous mode, and with the addition of anonymous polls.

AMA Specials

Various key members of the team were featured across multiple AMAs this month as they continue to drive global conversations around Mantle in the wider web3 and crypto community.

We thank CoinPost GlobalKudasai JapanSynFutures ProtocolCrypto Coin Show, as well as ecosystem partner ApeX Protocol, for featuring Mantle in discussions.

Stay up to date with Mantle’s AMA spotlight on socials.

$35,000 Worth in Hackathon Bounties

Mantle sponsored two hackathon bounties in collaboration with Gitcoin and ETHIndiaco under the Mantle Mash Hackathon and ETHforAll events respectively. Developers had the opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of deploying their projects on Mantle across multiple categories, such as NFTs, DeFi, DAO tooling, public goods and more.

Our Dev Rel team hosted several easy-to-follow workshops to provide more in-person guidance to developers aspiring to build on Mantle during the hackathon periods, fostering creative community participation between the best builders in the web3 space.

Event Jams

Mantle made its public debut at Miami Hack Week, and is attending its full large-scale web3 hackathon event at ETHDenver, alongside BitDAO’s many ecosystem partners and initiatives including Sozu HausGame7EduDAO and more.

With a jam-packed schedule of talks, booth meetups, hackathons and exciting activities, the Mantle team is ready to touch base with its community.

For those attending ETHDenver, swing by the Mantle booth (AG) between March 2 and March 5 and grab some limited-edition SWAGS, while stocks last.

Developers’ Corner

Last but not least, don’t forget to add these new developer tutorials and explainers to the reading list and accelerate your building process:

Need step-by-step demonstrations? Check out our YouTube channel.

We’re excited to show the community what Mantle has lined up in March. In the meantime, continue to #BuildonMantle, and reach out to the team via our interest form for more in-depth discussions on your project.

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