Recent Advances in Mantle's DeFi Ecosystem — DeFi Uncovered Ep. 5 AMA Recap

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Recent Advances in Mantle's DeFi Ecosystem — DeFi Uncovered Ep. 5 AMA Recap

Derek (@0xavarek) and Edmund (@Defi_Maestro) are back to present Episode 5 of DeFi Uncovered. The end of 2023 was a busy period for Mantle Network, and the beginning of 2024 continues this trend with numerous exciting integrations and partnerships on the horizon. The team aims to highlight the most recent developments in Mantle Ecosystem while providing some much anticipated alpha.

What are your thoughts on the spot Bitcoin ETF, and how will it affect the broader web3 ecosystem?

E: Overall, the approval of the spot BTC ETF is net positive. In the long run, I believe the ETF will be bullish for the entire ecosystem as we will have new institutional money entering the space. It's important to recognize that rumors of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval have been circulating for months. This speculation likely prompted many large investors and venture capitalists to accumulate positions early on, who may now be seizing the opportunity to reduce some of their holdings. Consequently, we can anticipate a highly speculative and volatile market environment for the next one to two months. Currently, institutional investors are likely observing the ETF's movements closely, paying particular attention to inflows and other indicators. However, as confidence in the Bitcoin ETF grows and if the regulatory landscape becomes more favorable, we might witness an increase in institutional participation.

Following the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, attention may shift towards the potential approval of a spot Ethereum ETF. Rumors regarding such an ETF have been circulating, though the timing of its approval remains uncertain. Nonetheless, this speculation could bring a significant amount of attention to the Ethereum ecosystem.

What are the latest DeFi trends and innovations you've got your eyes on?

E: The latest DeFi trends and innovations show a significant shift away from point-based reward systems, which have become oversaturated and less appealing to users. Developers are moving towards intent-based decentralized applications (dApps) to improve capital efficiency and provide more flexibility in fee and tokenomics adjustments. New and existing protocols are embracing this trend, aiming to enhance their infrastructure.

The emergence of Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) is becoming popular, aligning with the EigenLayer narrative. Many of the new liquid restaking protocols are looking at the distribution of EigenLayer points to users.

A notable development is the integration of AI with DeFi, where protocols are exploring innovative applications that analyze blockchain data to produce simplified outputs for the layman and converting vocal languages into actionable on-chain transactions. This integration points towards a future where DeFi and AI converge. However, this will likely take some time, potentially materializing late this year or next.

What are the latest updates in Mantle's DeFi ecosystem?

E: There have been many exciting launches recently. Among them is Merchant Moe, who has been working on some interesting developments. For instance, they plan to incorporate their trademark liquidity book soon, enabling users to leverage concentrated liquidity alongside the existing bribing models. They also have some more exciting things planned, but I will leave that for the team to announce, so keep an eye on Merchant Moe's X/Twitter.

Cleopatra DEX (CLEO) also launched on Mantle Network. CLEO has some of the most exciting yields in Mantle Ecosystem, as their farming yields are still relatively high. The DEX landscape within Mantle Network is starting to establish itself. It already has other DEXs, such as AGNI and FusionX. So, it will be interesting to see how these DEXs perform against one another and compete for liquidity within the ecosystem.

We also have TsunamiX, a gamified spot and margin trading protocol. Supported by Mantle EcoFund, it promises to kickstart trading incentives and host rewarding competitions, aiming to enhance engagement and activity across the ecosystem.

Regarding what's coming up, we have the launch of Ethena, who will be doing a co-campaign with Mantle, so keep an eye out for that. We also have the integration of $mETH into EigenLayer coming up soon. This integration will allow $mETH holders to participate in restaking.

What are the latest developments and integrations concerning $mETH?

E: The first thing to mention is that we recently increased the Double-Dose Drive cap to 420,690 $mETH, which is getting filled very quickly, so if you want to take advantage of the 7.2% yield, head over to Mantle LSP. Furthermore, we're expanding the $mETH ecosystem with several exciting integrations on the horizon, such as $mETH's integration with EigenLayer. In addition to this, we're also engaging with a select group of protocols, who have approached us with a keen interest in integrating $mETH into their platforms.

What role do RWAs play in the DeFi?

E: Real world assets (RWAs) significantly enhance the stability and credibility of DeFi products, serving as a pivotal bridge between traditional finance (TradFi) and DeFi ecosystems. By integrating RWAs, DeFi can bypass traditional intermediaries like banks, simplifying the process of accessing various financial instruments, such as U.S. Treasuries. This not only streamlines investment procedures but also broadens DeFi's appeal to a wider audience. However, despite these advantages, I believe it will still take some time for the TradFi sector to fully embrace DEXs and money markets due to the inherent differences and hesitations in adopting new technologies.

D: I believe RWAs offer a promising avenue for providing users with reliable and legitimate yield opportunities, mainly because U.S. Treasury bills back many RWA financial products. This backing adds a layer of security and legitimizes these products within the DeFi ecosystem. Beyond traditional financial instruments, there's significant potential for DeFi to revolutionize other RWA sectors, such as wines and spirits. These have long been considered valuable investment assets in TradFi, known for their potential to appreciate in value over time. DeFi could dramatically enhance the liquidity and accessibility of investments in these sectors, making it easier for a broader audience to participate in what were once niche markets.

What areas within the DeFi landscape are Mantle focusing on right now?

E: Mantle is currently focusing on several key areas within the DeFi landscape, such as intent-based dApps to enhance capital efficiency and provide users with a lot of freedom of choice. A significant part of Mantle's efforts includes the support and deployment of innovative money market platforms. Notably, Lendle was the first platform launched on Mantle, followed by the recent launch of INIT Capital, with mETH Labs expected to launch soon. These platforms contribute to a growing ecosystem of liquidity and financial services on Mantle Network.

How does Mantle help improve user experience within the DeFi landscape?

E: Mantle is committed to enhancing the user experience within the DeFi ecosystem by lowering the barriers to entry for newcomers. An upcoming feature to achieve this goal involves airdropping $MNT tokens to users who bridge assets into Mantle Network using third-party bridges, such as Stargate. Initially, we did something similar on Mantle's main bridge where we airdropped users $MNT for bridging assets from Layer 1 to Mantle Network. The new initiative extends this benefit to users bridging assets from other Layer 2 networks or different ecosystems using the Stargate bridge, further demonstrating Mantle's dedication to improving accessibility and user experience in DeFi.

Another strategy Mantle employs to improve user experience within the DeFi ecosystem involves collaborating with dApps that emphasize user-friendly interfaces in their protocols. A critical aspect of this approach is the careful selection of protocols for integration with Mantle Network, prioritizing those with notably user-friendly and efficient interfaces. This approach ensures that users gain access to innovative DeFi solutions and enjoy a seamless experience while navigating Mantle Ecosystem.

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