Mantle Network v2 Testnet Sepolia Now Live

01/12/242 min read

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Mantle Network v2 Testnet Sepolia Now Live

After Mantle Network Mainnet Alpha’s launch back in July 2023, we’re thrilled to introduce a highly-anticipated upgrade — Mantle Network v2 Testnet, Sepolia!

The core of Mantle Network remains unchanged. It is a layer-2 network featuring a modular design with a decentralized data availability layer, Mantle DA, powered by EigenLayer’s EigenDA technology. This enables hyperscaled performance at significantly reduced transaction fees on a network that is secured by Ethereum.

With Mantle Network v2, users and developers can now access the Sepolia Testnet and experience the following innovative features and upgrades:

  1. Seamless Compatibility With OP Stack & Bedrock Upgrade: In contrast to Mantle v1 built on the old OVM codebase, Mantle v2 enjoys the benefits of the Bedrock upgrade, while providing the critical infrastructure for future interoperability in the OP Stack ecosystem.
  2. Migration of Native Tokens in L2: The flow of $MNT in L2 will no longer use the ERC-20 contract, but a first-class citizen like ETH in other solutions — this change allows Mantle to align more closely with the native Ethereum design, facilitates L2 nodes sync with mainnet code upgrades and helps support updates such as for EIP-1559-type transactions.
  3. Meta Transaction: To facilitate the payment of transaction fees on behalf of users and provide a more flexible and seamless transaction experience — not only can Meta Transactions enable non-crypto-native users to easily interact with Mantle Network, it also allows users to interact with dApps without paying for gas fees or waiting for transaction confirmations, while enabling them to submit transactions without worrying about competing for block space.
  4. Fee Optimization Strategy: Mantle is committed to optimizing fees via the support of EIP-1559 to more intelligent calculation methods and more efficient processing mechanisms.

More details here:

Here are the updates you can expect to see with Sepolia Testnet, in a nutshell:

We are simultaneously exploring several potential implementations across all categories listed above. Find out what we're working on here:

A new faucet, bridge and explorer are available:

All users and developers are invited to build on and interact with Mantle v2, and to provide feedback on your experience so that we may make further iterative improvements in preparation for Mantle Network v2 Mainnet.

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