Mantle's PixelPals: 300 Promo Codes for PixelPals Up for Grabs!

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Mantle's PixelPals: 300 Promo Codes for PixelPals Up for Grabs!

CYMI, Pixelmon's second hyper casual game, PixelPals, has just landed on Mantle! To celebrate PixelPal's launch, we're teaming up with Pixelmon to give away 300 promo codes to the Mantle Ecosystem community. Lucky users who will get their hands on a game promo code will be able to grab some exclusive perks!

PixelPals is a game that blends pet management, land management and card duelling aspects all in a single world where you can actively manage your unique Habitat and engage in farming activities to increase your Habitat Value.

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Benefits of Getting a PixelPal Promo Code

  • Be a Part of PixelPals Season Zero: PixelPal offers a competitive prize pool starting at 120,000 USDT, which is growing based on every transaction conducted inside the game (which are gas-free for users).
  • In-Game Perks: Each promo code entitles you to pre-loaded credits that can be used to buy food, level up and/or boost your pet(s) in battle, and more!
  • $2,000 in $MNT Rewards: The top 20 users who win a promo code and are active players* (see the next section for eligibility) of the PixelPal game for two (2) weeks will each win $100 worth of $MNT
  • $MON Airdrop Allocation: Users who have this exclusive unique promo code will be eligible for an airdrop allocation of $MON from PixelPals based on the points they accrue in the game. For more details, check out PixelPals' page

Only active players are eligible to stand a chance to win $MNT rewards. An active player is defined as such:

  1. Log in to PixelPals at least once a day
  2. Perform at least two (2) on-chain interactions per week across a period of two (2) weeks from the day winners receive and activate their codes on PixelPals — refer to PixelPals' Discord or documentation for more details on how to play the game

Mantle Giveaway: 100 Promo Codes — Citizens of Mantle Holder Exclusive

100 lucky Citizens of Mantle holders from the Mantle community who participate in this giveaway event will be able to access the benefits as stated above! To stand a chance to win a promo code:

  • Step 1: Make sure that you're a Citizens of Mantle holder who has claimed your @Citizen of Mantle role on Mantle's Guild prior to the giveaway:
  • Step 2: Create a Particle Wallet by logging into PixelPals AND complete the entry form here
  • Step 3: Set your alarm for March 6, 2024, 3PM UTC and make sure you're on Mantle's official Discord
  • Step 4: Wait for the announcement, @Citizen of Mantle will be tagged when the giveaway is live, and click on the button to enter the giveaway — participants can enter the giveaway from March 6, 2024, 3PM UTC to March 8, 2024, 3PM UTC
  • Step 5: Winning participants will be selected and tagged in a private thread in Mantle's Discord with a unique code and instructions for using the code and accessing MNT rewards on March 8, 2024

Please note that a single user can only claim a maximum of one (1) promo code. You must claim your promo code within 24 hours or it may be revoked, so make sure you claim your promo code as soon as you get it!

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Participating Mantle Ecosystem dApps — Lootex, Merchant Moe, and MINU — will be giving away the remaining 200 PixelPals promo codes in the ensuing weeks, so make sure you stay tuned to their channels! Users who participate in the mentioned ecosystem dApps' PixelPals event to win promo codes may also stand a chance to receive ecosystem rewards.


Q: Where can I find the game guide? A:

Q: Where can I ask for support when using PixelPals? A:

Q: How do I know if I won an Mantle Giveaway promo code? A: The bot will automatically select winners and tag you in Mantle's Discord. We will tag the winners a second time with instructions about how to claim the code.

Q: Where can I claim my Mantle Giveaway access code? A: Rewards will be claimed in a private thread in Mantle's Discord with a unique code and instructions for using the code and accessing MNT rewards on March 8, 2024.

Learn more about PixelPals: Website | Twitter

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