Mantle’s ETHDenver 2024 Recap

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Mantle’s ETHDenver 2024 Recap

And that’s a wrap — ETHDenver 2024 is officially over! Mantle seized the opportunity to connect with the community, partners, and collaborators from the web3 world. The event was brimming with engaging activities, ranging from meetups to informative panels. For those who couldn't attend, we thought it helpful to provide a roundup of the highlights, offering a glimpse into the experiences and discussions that unfolded.

Sozu Demo Denver

To kick things off, Mantle, in collaboration with Chronicle Labs, hosted the Sozu Demo, allowing early-stage projects five minutes each to showcase their innovations. Following each presentation was a five-minute Q&A session. The event was full of quality projects and demos. Let's just say there were plenty of gigabrains in attendance.

Mantle DeFi Meetup

Next, we had the Mantle DeFi meetup. Hosted by 1delta, it allowed attendees to explore the dynamic Mantle Ecosystem, and network with various projects and users. Given the current activity in the DeFi space and the latest developments in Mantle Ecosystem, there was much to discuss. The event was a great success, thanks to everyone who attended and showed support.

Proof of Stake BBQ

What better way to unwind after a day of networking and gathering alpha than by enjoying a BBQ? That's precisely why Mantle decided to co-host the "Proof of Stake BBQ", ensuring attendees could enjoy just that.

This was not only an excellent opportunity to enjoy some delicious food, but also a great chance to meet new people and engage with the community.

The Urge to Surge: Rollups and the Quest for Max TPS on Ethereum

Then, it was time to head to the ETHDenver Atlantis Main Stage, where Mantle's Arun shared his insights on "The Urge to Surge: Rollups and the Quest for Max TPS on Ethereum." The discussion primarily centered on the Dencun Upgrade, with a special focus on EIP-4844. The panel explored proto-danksharding and the path toward full danksharding. Arun took this opportunity to discuss how EIP-4844 would affect L2 rollups such as Mantle Network.

The panel discussion covered a variety of topics related to L2 solutions, offering insights into their role in maximizing Transactions Per Second (TPS) on Ethereum. If you want to catch the entire recording of the panel discussion, visit here.

Stakeholder: Infra Open House

The Stakeholder: Infra Open House was the first of a series of events hosted by A41 this year. The event was co-hosted by industry leaders such as Gauntlet, Obol, Polymer, Metis, Versatus, Range Protocol, Swell, Drosera, Lagrange, Staking Rewards, Ether.Fi, and supported by Eigen Labs, RISC Zero, and Movement Labs.

Mantle was among these esteemed co-hosts, and represented by Mark and Arun. Mark participated in a panel discussion on the risks associated with restaking, a topic of high relevance given it's one of the most discussed narratives in the world of DeFi right now. Arun then contributed to a panel focused on L2 solutions and rollups, as they discussed the rise of L2s, and why they've become such a crucial part of the Ethereum ecosystem.

A Blockchain Bash

Another ETHDenver side event full of networking, games, and innovation was "A Blockchain Bash." Hosted by Mantle, Comma3 Ventures, Mirana Ventures, Master Ventures, Spield Trading and Serafund, it was an afternoon devoted to the trailblazers of blockchain.

The event began with a brief opening presentation, followed by an afternoon of networking among builders, founders, investors, and enthusiasts alike.

Open Information House

On the third day of the Open Information House event, Mark joined an illustrious panel to discuss the topic "SocialFi or SOCIALfi?". Over the past year, SocialFi has become a prominent narrative in the DeFi space. The panel discussed its latest developments and explored reasons for its apparent slowdown. They also shared their perspectives on potential improvements and strategies for future success in social networks.

Hosted by RSS3, the event helped bring together builders and contributors committed to the vision of creating a new internet that is more open, accessible, and decentralized.

L3 Summit: Denver Edition

To conclude, Arun represented Mantle at the L3 Summit: Denver Edition, where he and his co-speakers explored the future of building interoperable dApp infrastructures and Ethereum scaling solutions. The event featured some of the most distinguished speakers and offered attendees insights into the L3 space, highlighting its potential to enhance scalability, reduce gas costs, and provide greater app-specific customizability.

With ETHDenver now behind us, we’re looking forward to a year full of events, and Mantle plans to attend many of them. To stay informed about all the events our team will be participating in, make sure to closely follow our updates on X/Twitter.

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