Mantle x AI Crypto: A 3,000 $MNT Reward Pool Awaits

03/11/243 min read

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Mantle x AI Crypto: A 3,000 $MNT Reward Pool Awaits

With the rapid development of both the artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency (crypto) industries, it was inevitable that the two worlds would collide.

Here’s your chance to show us how you think AI can change the crypto world with the Mantle x AI Crypto event, which will run from March 11, 2024, 1PM UTC to March 25, 2024, 1PM UTC.

With up to 3,000 $MNT available in rewards, it's an excellent chance to showcase your creativity and potentially be rewarded for your innovative ideas.

The event is open to everyone – whether you're a developer, designer, or just a web3 enthusiast, stand a chance to be one (1) of six (6) winners to win some $MNT!

Submit Your Work for a Chance to Win

Channel your inner creativity — the more creative you are, the more likely you are to win. Participants can submit narrative works themed AI x Crypto, such as short stories, images, comics, animations, or videos showcasing their vision of the future integration of AI and cryptocurrencies.

The event will be divided into two separate weeks as follows:

  1. Show Us Your DeFi Paradise: March 11, 2024 - March 18, 2024

This topic encompasses all aspects of DeFi. We encourage you to explore the latest DeFi narratives and what your version of a DeFi paradise is. This includes exploring upcoming opportunities within the DeFi sector and examining AI's role and applications in this space.

  1. Be a Crypto Artist: March 19, 2024 - March 25, 2024

AI-generated artwork is increasingly becoming a staple in crypto, prominently utilized within the creation of NFTs and GameFi projects. As the technology evolves, the scope for innovation widens. But what future developments can we anticipate? We challenge you to showcase the latest capabilities of AI art within the crypto world.

Here’s how you submit your work:

  • Create your short story, comic, image, animation, or video for either the DeFi Paradise or Crypto Artist theme
  • Post your work on X/Twitter on a public account, tag @0xMantle and add the hashtag #MantleAICrypto
  • Fill up the form here to confirm your submission
  • Make sure you include the links to your X/Twitter post in the form submission!

Users may submit multiple unique entries across both weeks.

Win Your Share Of 3,000 $MNT

Three winners will be selected per topic, each receiving 500 $MNT. Ensure you engage with both topics to maximize your chances of securing a win.

  • After receiving all submissions, the Mantle team will select their favorite entries.
  • These chosen submissions will then be featured for a community vote on Mantle’s Discord channel after the event ends.
  • Rewards will be distributed to winners within 10 working days from the end of the vote.

Click here to join our Discord community, participate in the community vote, and stay updated with the latest developments.

Hackathons and AMAs

Mantle is pursuing further initiatives to explore AI's influence on the crypto sector. These initiatives include hosting hackathons, where participants are encouraged to contribute ideas for AI-driven scenario applications. Further details regarding the platforms involved will be announced shortly, so follow our X/Twitter to stay updated with the latest information.

Mantle will also host a series of AMAs with platforms collaborating in our AI x Crypto initiative. Ensure you tune into these AMAs, as additional $MNT rewards will be available for users participating in the quests.

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