Lock Your $MNT for a Chance To Win a Share of 90,909 MYSO Tokens

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Lock Your $MNT for a Chance To Win a Share of 90,909 MYSO Tokens

Lock your $MNT tokens on Mantle Network for a chance to win a share of 90,909 MYSO tokens ($MYT). Mantle Reward Station has got off to a successful start, attracting over 26,000 users so far. To maintain this momentum and continue offering $MNT holders as many incentives as possible, we're giving users a chance to accumulate raffle tickets that could win them a share of the 90,909 MYSO tokens on offer.

The event period is as follows:

  • Official Lock-In Start Date: 25 April, 2024, 10AM UTC
  • Snapshot Period: 26 April, 2024, 10AM UTC - 3 May, 2024, 9.59AM UTC
  • Redemption Period Start Date: 4 May, 2024.

Those who already have $MNT locked in the Mantle Rewards Station don't need to do anything — they will automatically be included in the snapshot. For new participants, you can lock your tokens at any time during the snapshot period. We will take random snapshots throughout this period and calculate an average across all the snapshots to determine your MNT locking amount. If you miss a snapshot, that specific day's amount would be zero.

Please be aware that winners must claim their rewards from the vault within 30 days after the campaign ends. Unclaimed rewards will be returned to the protocol team.

How to Participate

Users can lock $MNT to earn raffle tickets. At the end of the snapshot period, participants will receive raffle tickets based on the average amount of $MNT they locked during the snapshot period. Daily snapshots will be taken to calculate this average. The more $MNT you lock, the more raffle tickets you receive.

$MNT holders may begin to lock their $MNT from April 25, 2024, 10AM UTC onwards, with the first snapshot occurring on April 26, 2024, 10AM UTC.

You may lock any $MNT amount you prefer. Unlock your $MNT and claim your rewards at any time.

Lock Now

Participants can also boost their chances of winning by following MYSO's X/Twitter.

Please note that any fraudulent activity or use of sybil accounts will result in disqualification from the raffle.

MYSO Token ($MYT) Reward Process

Once the snapshot period ends, users can navigate to the “Claim Rewards” tab to view the number of tickets they've accrued. Winners will be selected at random one (1) working day after the campaign ends. There will be 500 winners in total, each receiving 181.818 $MYT. Winners must claim their rewards from the vault within 30 days of the campaign's end. Unclaimed rewards will be returned to the protocol team.

Stay updated with the latest campaign developments and future initiatives through the Mantle Rewards Hub. To ensure you don't miss any updates, follow Mantle on X/Twitter. Alternatively, you can join Mantle's Discord channel if you need further assistance.

About MYSO

MYSO is a decentralized and permissionless lending protocol specializing in custom loans that allow users to borrow and lend with any ERC20 token. In addition, the protocol supports a wide range of different on-chain structured product strategies like synthetic token buybacks and covered calls. MYSO has recently facilitated several on-chain covered call strategies for whales and treasuries, including one with Telos treasury and Evmos community treasury, with a recent trading volume in covered calls reaching approximately $1.3m.

The protocol currently holds a TVL of ~$2m and is live on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Mantle, Evmos, Telos, Linea and Neon EVM. The protocol originated from the ETH Global Hackathon in 2021, where it was awarded as one of the winners. It is also backed by several reputable crypto OGs, such as HashKey, Wintermute, GSR and Nexo.

For information about MYSO and any updates coming from the protocol, be sure to follow them on X/Twitter or visit their website.

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