Citizens of Mantle Swag Giveaway

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Citizens of Mantle Swag Giveaway

Calling all Citizens of Mantle, it's time to gear up with exclusive Mantle Swag!

To celebrate our growing community of Citizens of Mantle (CoM) NFT holders, we're giving away 20 exclusive Mantle swag packages. Join us on the Mantle Guild to claim your "CoM Swag Tickets" for a chance to win!

Earn tickets for holding multiple CoM NFTs, MNT, mETH, Delegation, testnet participation and more!

If you don't have a Citizen of Mantle NFT, explore the listed NFTs on marketplaces such as Mintle, Element, and Lootex! You will find a wide range of basic and rare traits to suit your style!

Citizens of Mantle is the inaugural native NFT collection created in collaboration with internationally renowned visual artist Chen Man.

Becoming a Citizen of Mantle is your gateway to an immersive experience within Mantle Ecosystem. Your Citizens of Mantle NFT avatar will be your faithful companion as you embark on a journey of building, connecting, playing, earning, and trading on Mantle. With each milestone you achieve within Mantle Ecosystem, your NFT avatar will evolve, allowing you to add unique traits such as body accessories, headgear, and facial accessories. Your avatar will become a reflection of your depth of engagement and accomplishments within Mantle Ecosystem, which, in turn, will then allow you to unlock more future benefits.

Learn more about Citizens of Mantle:

Citizens of Mantle Utility:

How to Participate:

  1. Join Mantle on Guild, then open the CoM Swag Giveaway page and connect with the same wallet that holds your CoM NFTs.
  2. Read the terms and conditions below to be eligible
  3. Collect "Citizens Swag Tickets" by claiming roles on Guild


  • Enter to win: Feb. 5-12, 2024
  • Contact winners: Feb 13-20, 2024
  • Reward shipment: Feb 20 onward (no confirmed date for arrival)

Two ways to win:

  1. Climb the leaderboard on Mantle's Guild! The top 10 wallets with the most "Citizens Swag Tickets" will be declared winners
  2. 10 swag packages will be raffled off to ticket holders

Each ticket earns an extra chance to win!


20 winners will receive a Mantle Swag Package with:

  • 1 Mantle Pepe tote bag
  • 1 Mantle t-shirt
  • 1 Mantle Bellroy sling bag
  • 1 Mantle mug gift box
  • A handful of Mantle and CoM stickers


  • You must hold at least one Citizens of Mantle NFT
  • One swag package per winner
  • You must claim the "(Required) agree to terms and conditions" role in Guild.
  • You must join the Mantle Discord.


- Where can I get Citizens of Mantle NFTs? Two ways:

  1. NFT marketplaces such as Mintle, Element, and Lootex.
  2. Participating in upcoming campaigns. Follow Mantle on Twitter to find opportunities.

- I have completed guild tasks but not received my roles in the Mantle Discord.

First, check if you are eligible on Guild, then make sure your Discord account is connected to Guild. If you still don't see the role, try using the "/join" command in the #bot-commands channel in the Mantle Discord. If the "/join" commands does not work check back soon. Sometimes there is a slight delay in updates.

- What if multiple members have the same number of tickets on the leaderboard? How are the top 10 determined?

If multiple members have the same score, rank is calculated based on their join date.

- Where can I find the leaderboard?


You can only view the leaderboard after you join the Mantle guild and start earning the "Citizens Swag Tickets".

- Where can I learn more about Mantle Discord roles?

The #role channel in the Mantle Discord and the Mantle Guild.

Terms and Conditions

We can not guarantee shipping to all regions due to mail carrier restrictions.

  • If you win and we discover that shipping is restricted in your region, we will follow up with you directly on Discord.
  • Unfortunately, we can not send swag packages to addresses in Russia due to mail carrier restrictions. We are eager to send rewards to our RU community members and will continuously review these restrictions and reevaluate our options for sending rewards to addresses in Russia. RU Community members can still participate in upcoming Mantle campaigns!
  • Winners who are located in areas where we can not ship may be rewarded with an MNT prize!

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