A Guide to Minting Citizens of Mantle NFTs

10/11/232 min read

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A Guide to Minting Citizens of Mantle NFTs

Mint your Citizens of Mantle NFT in just five simple steps with this minting guide.

Step 1: Visit the NFT minting page.

Step 2: Connect your wallet via the button in the navigation bar at the top-right hand corner, or when prompted when you click on the "Mint NFT" button.

  • Please note that in the initial minting phase, only users verified on the whitelist will be able to mint their Citizens of Mantle NFT
  • During the whitelist NFT minting phase, you will see that all Citizens of Mantle mints are complimentary — Mantle is providing these NFTs to eligible users at no additional cost than the gas fees incurred on the mint
  • If you were previously on the whitelist and are prompted with a pop-up saying otherwise, please disconnect and connect your wallet again
  • You will also be able to see how many Citizens of Mantle NFTs out of the limited supply of 100,000 have been successfully minted by others in the community

Step 3: Click on the "Mint NFT" button to proceed.

If you're eligible for the mint, the window in the screenshot above will pop up. Confirm the details of your mint before continuing with the "Mint Now" button.

Step 4: Wait for the mint to process.

Please note that this process may take a few minutes to complete, make sure you do not exit the window while the mint is ongoing.

Step 5: Success! You've minted your Citizens of Mantle NFT.

You'll be able to view your NFT in your connected wallet, or have a look at other Citizens of Mantle NFT characters on secondary NFT marketplaces, including Mintle.

Trade Your NFT on Mintle

Don't forget, every Citizens of Mantle NFT character in the collection is unique, which means that you're the only holder of your minted NFT character.

Right-click on your Citizens of Mantle NFT to save it as an image and start using it everywhere, from your social accounts to your chats and other platforms.

Step 6: Flex your new NFT to your friends and community.

Change your profile pictures to show off your new NFT, and share them on X/Twitter, Discord, and other social accounts!

For more details on the initial whitelist minting phase and event, check out this announcement. If you run into any problems, feel free to reach out to the team on our Discord channel.

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