Network Update: $BIT to $MNT Migration on Testnet

06/13/232 min read

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Network Update: $BIT to $MNT Migration on Testnet

Mantle Network Testnet completed its v0.4.0 update on June 9, 2023, which saw the creation of the new $MNT token on Goerli and the renaming of $BIT to $MNT on Mantle Network Tesnet.

This is the first token-related update since the passage of MIP-22, which covers the new $MNT token, including future token conversion channels and specifics, asset handling parameters, and more. 

On layer 2 (L2), the $BIT token has undergone a rebranding following the BIP-21, and is now $MNT. This means that the token contract remains the same, but the symbol has changed to $MNT. 

On Goerli, we have deployed a new token contract for $MNT (address shared below), and a migration contract that'll facilitate converting Goerli $BIT to Goerli $MNT that can be bridged and used on Mantle Network Testnet.

Contract Overview

What $MNT on Testnet Means for Developers

Developers will need to find and mint test $MNT on Etherscan. Any working dApps deployed on Mantle Network Testnet will need to make the change accordingly to continue running the latest network version. 

For a step-by-step guide on how to mint $MNT and get started on your building journey on Mantle Network, read our guide

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