Unmarshal Integrates Mantle Network to Offer Comprehensive API Services for Builders

06/26/232 min read

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Unmarshal Integrates Mantle Network to Offer Comprehensive API Services for Builders

Unmarshal, a multi-chain web3 data network, has integrated with Mantle Network to provide access to a diverse and wide set of transformative real-time data — Mantle Network Testnet builders will be empowered with another set of data tools, custom APIs, index smart contracts and analytics dashboards with which to build their innovations. 

Data drives the creation of the world’s most remarkable innovations. As Mantle Network continues to work with and support the best developers in web3, ensuring that they have diverse data networks and services to pull data from is of utmost priority. This synergistic partnership allows builders to innovate, scale and accelerate their builds to the fullest potentials.

Unmarshal offers six different APIs that provide greater insight into wallet transaction history, contract transaction history, decoded transaction, wallet balance, token asset data via contract address search and block data. Unmarshal’s many advanced tools, integrations and features, such as the indexing of events and functions for any smart contract on Mantle Network, the enabling of automatic smart notifications for events, private nodes, address tracking and more, are also available for use by developers.

Unmarshal Parser, a zero smart contract indexer, is also ready for Mantle Network builders. Simplifying the process of indexing and analyzing decoded protocol data, it provides one-click GraphQL access, optimized analytics, and an inbuilt Token & Price Plugin. Unleash its power for efficient on-chain analytics.

“We are super excited to extend our support to Mantle Network and look forward to building this ecosystem together with other amazing builders. It’s been a great experience working with the Mantle team,” shared Manohar, CEO of Unmarshal.

“The partnership with Unmarshal presents an exciting opportunity for developers to get access to powerful datasets, features and integrations that can drive further acceleration of their builds on Mantle Network,” said Arjun Kalsy, head of ecosystem at Mantle.

Mantle Ecosystem continues to expand with the best technology partners in the space to push the mass adoption of web3 and token-governed technologies forward. Our dynamic and robust ecosystem will ensure that developers get the support they need in their building journeys, especially with the imminent Mantle Network Mainnet launch.

Learn how you can #BuildonMantle with in-depth guides and tutorials on our docs and blog, and if you’re interested in deploying your project on Mantle, reach out via our ecosystem intake form. Don’t forget to check out our Ecosystem hub, where dApps built on Mantle are featured!


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