Mantle Network Mainnet: Launch Event, EthCC & More

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Mantle Network Mainnet: Launch Event, EthCC & More

More than a week has passed since Mantle Network Mainnet went live — if you’ve been keeping up with us, we announced the launch of mainnet at EthCC on July 17, 2023, while meeting some of the best blockchain contributors and community members across multiple events throughout the week. From Stable Summit to a co-hosted Sozu Haus Paris, our very own launch event and more, the Mantle team sprinted into L2 summer fueled by our highly-anticipated launch. 

Here’s a highlight of where Mantle was during launch week — spot familiar faces from the team!

Exclusive Launch Event

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Mantle went all out for its exclusive launch event scheduled right before EthCC. It was open to a small group of our closest partners, community members and esteemed guests to get in-depth insights into Mantle Network’s technical rollup design, and Mantle’s overall vision and mission prior to our mainnet going live.

In this cozy, intimate space, Mantle’s Head of Research Franck Cassez delved into rollups from an analytical point of view, how they’re currently designed as seen in existing layer 2s, and how Mantle Network’s architecture was designed in a way to solve some of these challenges. Thereafter, Mantle’s Head of Ecosystem, Arjun Kalsy, was there to share the wider Mantle vision and mission, especially with mainnet coming into play.

We thank all our guests for joining Mantle as we kicked off our mainnet launch at one of the most beautiful locations in the city.

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Meeting Up at EthCC

Untitled Design (2) Next up, the Mantle team began their four-day EthCC journey. We were overwhelmed with the support we saw at the booth across all days, with many of the community approaching and telling us what they thought about Mantle. We were stoked to share with all booth visitors that we had just launched our mainnet on July 17, 2023. 

Untitled Design (3) Also taking one of the side stages at EthCC was dev rel team member Libevm, who hosted a short session on how builders can slurp data efficiently in just one single query. 

Mass Hacking at ETHGlobal Paris

Untitled Design (4) If you’ve ever wondered what a hall full of builders creating and innovating looks like, ETHGlobal Paris provided the perfect example. Hundreds of developers gathered in the main halls at ETHGlobal Paris for a mega hackathon where they built their creations on multiple networks, some of them for Mantle Network.

Members of Mantle’s dev rel team were also stationed at the booth around the clock during the hackathon so that they were available 24/7 to hackers who needed guidance on how to start building, or if they encountered any challenges during their building process. We can’t wait to see participants’ builds, some of the first on Mantle Network since its mainnet launch.

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Hanging Out With the Hackers at Sozu Haus

Untitled Design (11) Sozu Haus, a Mantle Ecosystem initiative that constantly hosts elite cohorts of some of the industry’s best builders in focused hackathons all over the world, organized a super hacker house in Paris. The event was co-hosted by Mantle, and we witnessed the building prowess of numerous gigabrains creating what could be the next big thing on Mantle Network.

Multiple building workshops were hosted there, with guest speakers such as iZUMI Finance, Norswap, zkMe, Mantle and more sharing their insights and expertise with participants there.

Zooming in on Modular & Stable Summits

Happening during the same week were side events that focused on a single theme, and there was no way Mantle would be missing out on both the Modular and Stable summits. 

Untitled Design (7) Stable Summit was about all things stablecoin, and Chief Alchemist Jordi Alexander shared the stage with Irene Wu from LayerZero, Garry Krugljakow from 0VIX Protocol and Seraphim Czecker from Lido Finance in a riveting discussion that explored how the accelerated rise of L2s in recent months would have an impact on stablecoins.

At Modular Summit where modularity met the very best (bonus points if you know where this line came from!), Arjun Kalsy gave us a crash course on how to build a world beyond EVM like lego. 

Signing Off: Mantle Mixer

Mantle hosted its biggest event yet with our open-to-all mixer, where we invited all collaborators, friends, partners and community, existing and new, to join us at our huge networking event. A big thank you to the 1,000+ of you who turned up!

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What’s Next

Mantle continues its global trek as we reach out to more developers, users and community members to be a part of Mantle Ecosystem, and our journey towards the mass adoption of token-governed technologies. Keep an eye out for our next hackathons (and there’ll be a lot of them!), and our next major event will be coming sooner than you think.

We look forward to seeing the Mantle community soon IRL at our upcoming events.

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